Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A dress from my Momma...

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful three day weekend!

This morning I awoke with lots of energy and tons of creative inspiration. One of the creative inspirations was to participate in the "Your Mom Style" link up party over at Rouge and Whimsy.

It's a link up party celebrating moms and their style!
Here is what Erika had to say about it, "Your interpretation can be broad -- a post where you share photos of your mom's rocking style, try to recreate your mom's look, or even write from her perspective. It's up to you!"

From the moment that I first read Erika's post that announced that she would be hosting this link up party I knew that I wanted to link up and what I wanted to wear.

Many years ago my Momma gave my sister and I one of her old dresses. She wore it  in the mid 80s and purchased it while engaged to my Daddy.

It has sweet yellow buttons all the way down the front, a lovely print, and of course...shoulder pads!

Dress Collage
Here are a few things she said about it when I asked her what she had been drawn to when she purchased the dress.

-Her favorite flowers are roses, so, she really liked the print.


-She liked how feminine it was.


-She loved that it was twirl-y. (I very much agree on that!)

Rose Dress3

I've always liked having old dresses from my Momma. When I wear that rose dress, one of her old piano recital dresses, and such it feels so special. I think part of it is that I've been able to wear the items or try them on when I'm about the same age that she was when she wore them. And, there is just something generationally amazing about that!


Want to link up to the party?
Or, just want to see what others linked up?

Here is a link: Your Mom Style Linkup Party

mom stye



  1. that dress is soo beautiful! love the print!!

  2. I love this link up! It's so fun. And that dress is beautiful on you - especially in that setting!

    1. Thanks, Sarah!
      I'm glad you loved the link up. It was a lot of fun!
      Thank you for leaving such a kind compliment.

  3. How lovely! Beautiful print... and twirly skirts are always the best :) So cool that you and your mother wore the same dress at the same age. I agree, generationally amazing!

    1. Thank you! It really is lovely!
      And, yes, I'm so glad that I get to wear it! It's amazing.

      Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment! =)

  4. what a classic 80's dress...and with shoulder pads no less!
    This was such a fun linkup idea! Thanks for stopping my blog earlier :)


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