Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CFS/FM Diaries: Amazed...

Hello everyone!
This is a post that is devoted to updates on my health issues. I realize that not everyone wants to read about my health updates so I have decided to title the posts that are devoted to that topic the CFS/FM Diaries. It is a series of posts on living with chronic illness and updates on how I'm doing currently.

CFS/FM Diaries: Amazed…

Hello everyone!

I haven’t shared a CFS/FM Diaries post in awhile.
Honestly, I think there have been a couple of reasons why. Firstly, I’m amazed by how well I’ve been doing. This year has been going amazingly well not just in life in general, but specifically health wise. Secondly, I think sometimes when you have chronic health issues and you get to a place of doing so much better it is easy to almost pretend that the chronic health issues don’t exist at all in your life. To ignore the fact that the future is still unknown or that you still have to live a different lifestyle.

But, I think it is important for me to document and share with others about my health updates.

So, here we go.

As I said, this year my health has been very improved. I was just reading a diary entry yesterday from April of 2011 and I’m amazed by the contrasting difference. I honestly don’t understand what all is contributing to my better health. By that, I mean that I still don't understand what my body is doing or why I'm living in this blessed health state right now. (Though, even doctors don't have CFS and FM figured out.) But, I’ll name a few things I know that have and continue to help.

Supplements- I have a good many supplements that I’m on. At this point everything that I take I can tell makes a difference. One in particular that I realized is making a huge difference is a supplement called AdreneVive. I recently made a mistake and didn't communicate to my Mom when I needed her to order me more. So, I spent 4 almost 5 days off of the supplement before it came in the mail. I could definitely tell a negative difference after being off of it a few days.   

Vitamin D- We found out last year that my vitamin D levels were very, very low. We’ve since been working to bring the levels up to where they need to be.

Progesterone- We found out last year that my progesterone levels were way too low also. And, I’ve since been taking bio-identical progesterone as directed to work on bringing a more balanced level to my body.

Diet- I have a bit of a sensitive stomach. So, I tend to eat pretty plain food and I only eat fish and poultry these days. (Beef and pork are hard for me to digest.) I also try to avoid white flour and sugar. Though, I've gotten a little off track with that lately and need to get back to that.

Sleep- I can’t tell you exactly when, but sometime in the fall of last year (I think) I began sleeping better and better. Currently, I’m achieving restful sleep almost every night. I sometimes startle awake multiple times during the first hour of sleep, but after that I seem to sleep well. I can’t express what a difference improved sleep makes! There were long periods of time before this time of improvement that sleep was terrible and I would go weeks without ever feeling rested. So, each morning that I wake up feeling rested is a morning that I give thanks for over and over again.

I’ve also learned that if I am excited or stressed I have to work harder to calm myself before I sleep so that I’ll have good rest for the night. Sleepytime tea, calming music, and other habits are things that I’ve found to help me on nights that I’m excited or stressed.

Life style- I continue to live a different lifestyle than most people my age. I’m very thoughtful when it comes to making plans and I try not to put too much on my schedule. I have to be careful about sitting on harder chairs or benches for a long while. (Though, sometimes I’ve gone ahead and sat there anyway and paid the price with Fibro pain later.) 

Emotionally- Last year I think I finally came to a point that I'm no longer trying to make the past my future. I'm learning to dream new dreams and imagine a happy life even with these health issues. That's not to say there haven't been any moments this year that I haven't cried or had to grieve a little. But, over all, I think I'm finally accepting this lifestyle and learning to make the most of things. 

God's goodness- I realize that some who read this post won't agree with this segment, but honestly I believe that God's goodness is a huge part of my current state of health. He has given me strength and peace through the incredibly hard times. He has given wisdom as I've sought healthcare providers, what supplements to take, and so on. And, His faithfulness is overwhelming.  By His grace I'm feeling so well and continue breathing.

There you have an update on my health!

I've had only a few bad Fibro-pain flare-ups this year and the "crashes" have been very light.
If I over extend myself a bit my body's current "crashes" are simply feeling extremely heavy, a little achy, and exhausted. But, those crashes have often been greatly improved simply by taking a 2-3 hour nap and not overexerting for the rest of that day.

Currently most of my energy is being invested in my relationship with God, relationships with family and others, and my preparations for the GED test taking and graduation. It's an exciting time. I don't know what my life will look like after gradation yet, but I'm incredibly thankful that I'm actually graduating! That didn't even seem possible a year ago.



  1. It's wonderful to see how God is working! :)

    1. Yes, Sarah! It really is. I'm amazed by His goodness. =D


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