Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday festivities...

On this lovely Friday I thought that I would share some of the wonderful birthday festivities I've been blessed with this week.

On Tuesday evening I enjoyed dinner, picture taking, good talks, and times of prayer with my precious friend Sara Beth.

Sara Beth's gift to me was a journal with a handwritten story just for me, a lovely letter that blessed my heart, and a birthday card! I'm so thankful to have such a creative friend! 

Sara Beth also happens to be a dancer. She was kind enough to strike a few dance positions for me to photograph. Someday, I hope to take some time with her and maybe do an entire photo shoot of dance. Yes, I hope to do that someday.  

The Tuesday time with Sara Beth was such a blessing.

Wednesday was a very full day. I had an appointment with my doctor, completed the GED practice testing with my GED teacher, and then Luke took me out for birthday celebrations.

We enjoyed a relaxing dinner and good talks...

He gave me a wonderful card that truly blessed my heart...

He completely surprised me by getting me the necklace that I had written about back in this post...

And, I got to introduce him to the wonderful taste of pineapple milkshakes...

It was a truly wonderful night. I enjoyed it and truly cherish the conversations we shared and memories we made.

When I arrived back home my heart was overflowing with joy. That joy was increased even more when shortly after arriving home I received texts letting me know that I had done well on the GED practice tests! I feel a lot less nervous about taking the official tests next week now that I have the results of the practice tests.

Yesterday I enjoyed a relaxing day mostly spent with my precious family celebrating my birthday. Momma made me my favorite soup and purchased me my very own yummy frozen Greek yogurt. All in all, it was a lovely day.

It's been an amazing week. Later today I'm looking forward to support my sister, Luke, and all my other friends that are having their first play performance!  And, we'll get to enjoy a bit of dancing and celebrating afterwards.

I would like to end with this-

God is sovereign and good.
He is faithful amidst the times of joy and amidst the times of sorrow.
I can say that now with more heartfelt sincerity than ever before in my life.

I truly hope that you too are having a blessed week.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday!
    It looks like your day was wonderful!! :)


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