Friday, April 20, 2012

Together...a Five Minute Friday...



The first thing I think of is quality time.
Quality time- Oh, how loudly that speaks love to me and so many important people in my life.
When together is time spent coloring a paper city with littlest brother,
When together is time spent with Momma on car rides,
When together is spent with Sara Beth having good talks over cups of tea,
When together is with Sissy laughing over a movie or her sweetly painting my nails,
When together is my Daddy and I share deeper talks over French-toast making kind of mornings,
When together is laughter and silliness with my man-boy brother,
When together is with a large group of friends or a small group of friends,
When together is good talks, walks up to the door, and side hugs,

…Together is wonderful.

And, tomorrow, a certain guy and I will go to prom- together.
He, our other friends and I will celebrate together.

Yes, together.
The memories from togetherness can make you smile, make you laugh, make you sigh, and sometimes make you cry.
Together. I’m so thankful for times of together.


The Daydream Darling

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