Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thoughts of prom and a thankful sigh...


It's coming. I'm counting down the days upon my fingers.
I have a feeling that the days leading up to it will fly by or will seem to creep at a snail's pace.

The shoes are sitting in their cardboard home (after a little photo time)- just waiting for the night of dancing to arrive.

The earrings sit upon the wooden box with the cottage scene- just waiting to hang from my little ears for the evening of festivity.
The dress hangs inside my closet waiting for me to slip into it for the jubilant night.
And, my heart is excited for the time, excited to spend it with a certain guy, excited to celebrate with friends, and excited for this part of the celebration that marks a closing chapter of my life.

Last night I went to dance lessons.
I learned a little bit of Charleston and how to box-step waltz.
I was reminded how to cotton-eyed-joe and utterly failed at the polka.
I learned things about myself and reflected inwardly on things that for now reside within my journal pages.
Isn't blank paper wonderful? To be able to spill ink upon blank page to treasure, process, or simply record the little memories of life.

So, prom. It's coming. I'm counting down the days.
But, even more so, I'm giving thanks for how blessed this season of life is right now.
Thanks for my wonderful parents, my loving sister, movie watching snuggles with my baby brother, hugs and deeper talks with my brother that is growing daily more into a man, for friendships, for creativity, for poetry, and for the memory makings and adventures of this time.

What is on your mind today?

The Daydream Darling  

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