Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring picnic time...

Last week I had a spontaneous idea to have my own little picnic.
After a few difficult emotional days it was just the creative, spring-time thing that I needed.

So, off I went cutting up a sweet apple just so, making a tuna sand-which, and washing up dishes from my picnic set. Because, after all, a picnic seems all the more special when you have dishes just for that occasion!

I pulled out a place-mat that I had stored away, grabbed a basket, and pulled out a fake floral arrangement of mine.

Then it was off to the backyard for a little picnic fun...

This little spring picnic didn't take me more than15 minutes to throw together.

Want to have your own spring picnic?

Here are a few tips to make it a little extra special...

Spring Picnic Tips:

1. Set aside a few simple dishes just for spontaneous picnics. 
You can buy new dishes, go on a vintage hunt at your local thrift store, or even swing by a dollar store and select a few pieces. Or, even just set aside a few dish pieces you already own to be used for your special picnic outings. Pick dishes that are fun and make you feel like you're having a little party each time you use them. Setting aside dishes just for picnics makes it all the more special when you use them.

2. Use a place mat, a picnic blanket, or both.
I think that having a soft fabric piece to contrast with the dishes is part of what makes a picnic look so inviting.

3. Take just 5 extra minutes prepping your food/plate.
I took about 5 extra minutes than I normally do to make my plate more appealing to the eye. By taking a little extra time to make even the simplest food more visually appealing made the picnic seem extra special and even more enjoyable. (Please note: Taking a little extra time doesn't mean obsessing over perfection! Take a little time to make things look nice, but don't stress about making things prefect.)

4. Flowers add a celebratory pop of color!
It's true! Next time you go on a spontaneous picnic try grabbing a few real or imitation flowers to add a celebratory pop of color to your outing.

5. Take a few minutes to be creative or just sit and enjoy the moment.
For my little picnic I took just a few minutes to be creative with my camera. I captured beauty-frames of my picnic and after I had enjoyed eating my meal I took a few more creative shots outside. How are you creative? Take time on your next picnic to be a little creative! Paint, doodle, take pictures, write a poem, write a silly story, sew, crochet, and the list goes on.

Or, take time to take deep breaths -in-out-in-out-in-out- and just enjoy the moment. Look at the way the grass blades are shaped, close your eyes and listen to the sounds that are going on around you, look up at the sky and enjoy the color it is at that moment.

Be creative, sit and enjoy the moment, or do both while on the same picnic outing!

I think part of the beauty of picnics is the simplicity of them.
If you too enjoy a spontaneous picnic sometimes soon I'd really be pleased to hear about it.

Happy spring picnics to you!   

The Daydream Darling


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    1. Thank you very much! =)
      Your comment made me smile.

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    1. Thank you so much for coming by and leaving a comment!
      You made me smile. =)

  3. what a lovely little picnic! so pretty and nice photography! xx

    1. Thank you very much!
      Your comment really made my day a little nicer.

      P.S. I'm currently listening to your music project. =D


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