Monday, April 2, 2012

Fresh flowers...

It's another Magnificent Monday!

Today I want to share a beautiful photo and a post that was inspired by it.
Some of you may have heard of the lovely blog Rinse. Repeat. and the even lovelier gal behind it named Bethany.

Well, Bethany posted a gorgeous flower photo in a recent post. The moment I saw it I felt inspired. So, after receiving permission from her to share it with all of you splendid readers I get to share it as well as write the words that it inspired!

The moment that I saw that photo my heart sighed.
(Well, if hearts could sigh it would have.)
I had been craving the beauty of fresh flowers and my eyes rejoiced when I saw those beautiful blooms.
They looked so soft, so cheerful, and sweet pink shades. Even though I'm not much of a pink loving gal, they captured my eyes. I sat and looked at the picture a long time. And, I even went back to it throughout the week.

There is just something about fresh, beautiful flowers. And, not just in a "romantic" sense.
There is something so cheerful when you are able to place beautiful blooms into a vase or jar with water to enjoy.
There is something about the way the light shines on them through my kitchen window.
There is something so incredibly wonderful in the variety of floral sweet smells, the touch/feel of the petals, the color, and the way my heart pitter-patters a little faster when I hold my camera Desi to capture beauty-frames.

Ah, fresh flowers..they make me smile.
And, though I don't have fresh flowers trimmed and placed "just so" on my kitchen table today, I smile as I look at the photo. I smile and rejoice in the beauty of fresh flowers.

So, the next time I have fresh flowers it is a guarantee that I will enjoy every little moment and aspect of them as they sit soaking up sunlight on my kitchen table.

Do you enjoy fresh flowers?
And, have you ever been instantly inspired by another blogger?

May your Mondays be Magnificent!

This week I hope to share...
Spring picnic fun,
A bit of crafty creativity,
And other odds and ends of life!

The Daydream Darling    

P.S. Bethany, if you read this, thanks again for giving me permission to share your beautiful blossom photo!


  1. I love flowers, too! Love to grab an inexpensive bunch at the store and put them on the kitchen table - makes me smile every time I see them!

    Hope you have a lovely Monday...a bit of a rough start to the week here, but hopefully, the week will improve!


    Live with CFS

    1. I'm so glad you love them too!
      That sounds like a great idea. I've been thinking that I'll have to do that sometime once I have available money. Flowers have such a wonderful way of making us smile, don't they?

      Thank you! I had a nice and easy-going Monday.
      I'm sorry that it has been a bit of a rough start!
      I hope and pray that it does indeed improve as the week goes on.



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