Monday, April 30, 2012

Time for an exciting story...

Hello everyone!

It's another Magnificent Monday around here.
Last week there were some truly wonderful times and some truly difficult times.

Today though, I'm taking time to share some exciting things. In fact, I have a very exciting poem/story to share. It is also an in depth introduction to a pretty special someone, so, read on, dear readers.

Read on... 

I have a story to tell.
It's a story still in progress,
Still unfolding,
But, it seems that the beginning chapter is ready to be told.
Though the pen of the story is one that neither of the main characters hold.
We rest knowing that the ultimate Writer is truly in control.

I don't know when it began for sure.
We've been friends for at least two years.
I've held him in great respect and great esteem
As I’ve observed him in times around others and around me.
In class settings he made me want to work harder-
Because, he works hard and is, well, smarter.
I noticed his thoughtfulness and the way he acted
With such a gentlemanly care.
But, I never really thought more than friendship would ever be there.

I don't know when that changed.
I can’t give you a moment, time, or date.
Perhaps it began when we were talking,
I just enjoyed hearing what he had to say.
Or, maybe it started when I noticed he might be taking an interest…
…in me?
Taking interest-
I thought that he might,
But, being the practical gal that I am
I swiftly would shrug off such a notion,
Cast it aside,
Not allowing it to reside within my mind.
"Stop being silly!"
I'd tell myself.
"You're letting your imagination run wild!"
But, the little things I noticed continued on,
One little moment at a time.
After each little moment it became harder to shrug off the thoughts,
To not begin to dream a little inside,
The questions and possibilities began to swirl in my mind.

Then, came the night he asked me to dance.
This fellow that almost never danced.
I was shocked and I was pleased.
It was after that I began to think that maybe he really was
Interested in simple me.
I spoke with my parents,
Shared my thoughts.
And, together we prayed.
Then I wrote in my journal and prayed a lot.

I showed little hints of interest to him,
Just enough to let him know that I was interested too.
But, I wanted him to be the one to pursue.
I wouldn't take the initiator's step.
So, I waited,
I prayed,
And I tried to stay emotionally well kept.

Unbeknownst to me,
This fellow had been praying too,
And talking to his parents about what he should do.
He secretly met with my father
And asked him,
"May I court your daughter?"
My Papa Bear was impressed and so he answered with a,
They talked of me,
And Daddy shared wisdom with he.

Then I was in for a surprise.
Off I went on a seemingly ordinary car ride
To arrive early at a birthday party for the guy
Daddy came up with some excuse to be there at that particular time,
 In the back of my mind I kept thinking inside,
“Something fishy is going on…”
For a moment I even thought that maybe he and my Daddy had actually talked!
But, then of course I vanquished such a silly-nilly thought.
No good would come of daydreaming so,
I reminded my simple self.
Yet, there I was standing inside of his house.
Then it happened,
 The fellow asked me to step outside with him to talk awhile.
So, out the back door to the patio we went,
Me with a confused look I’m sure on my face
And, he with a nervous smile.

I sat and he shared a compound word
It was a code so that when it I heard
I would know that he had spoken with my Dad.
Then, he asked me if I would like to court.
To which I made exuberant sounds of joyfulness,
And said a very happy,
To my shock, he wasn’t done,
He then asked me to go to prom-
This guy that said he would never go,
Changed his mind.
I almost couldn’t believe it was so!
And, sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s true,
But my Momma says,
“Sarah, he changed his mind because of you.”

Now we’re getting to know each other,
In a relationship adventure.
We have a purposeful equation for our time together.
And healthy boundaries set in place.
With wisdom-speakers sharing truth with patience, love, and grace.
Our relational equation as he recently expressed-
1/3 time together along with friends,
1/3 time spent together with family,
And, 1/3 times together just the two of us.
I think that sums it up quite nice,
And, when I called it a “circle graph”, he just smiled.
(I’m not very mathematically inclined.)

He’s far more mathematical and a deeper thinker.
Yet creatively artistic in music too.
I'm the word gal who is comfortable with a pen
And has more emotional whims.
But, both our hearts belong to Daddy God,
And we both above all else desire to honor and glorify Him.

Here we are on this adventure.
Yes, it’s that old fashioned term with a capital “C”.
But, please don’t panic or think that means
That I think my story is what yours should one day be.
Remember, I’m not the one writing it.
We’re getting to know each other with healthy boundaries in place.
We grow, we learn, we enjoy, and in some things we wait.
This is an adventure-
An adventure to enjoy.
Not to rush,
Not to stress,
Instead to let Him lead.
I've waited on relationships,
Now I get to know him,
And, he gets to know me.
I don’t know how this will unfold,
But, I’m thankful for him.
Now after all the anticipation, I may have produced
I would like to introduce…

So, I'm pleased to share that back in January Luke and I began our courtship.
We've been keeping it pretty quiet for awhile, but now I'm pleased and excited to share.

If you can't tell, I'm just a little excited. And, I'm very thankful for this relationship.
Luke is an utmost gentleman.
I'm constantly amazed by his thoughtfulness and consideration.
He is understanding when it comes to my health which means so very much.
My respect for him continues to grow as I get to know him better.

We both have our imperfections, we both make mistakes, but I'm so very thankful for this relationship.

Thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoyed reading the exciting news in poem form!

And, I hope you're having a truly Magnificent Monday!


Edit- This week I decided that I wanted to link up this post with imperfect prose.
My poem isn't all clean, neat and perfected. And, the story of this courtship has just begun, but I'm so thankful for it. Amidst the imperfections of two individuals we're growing, learning, and getting to know one another in this courtship relationship. And, to me, that is incredibly beautiful and redemptive seeing how big picture and in the details of life our God is.

Imperfect Prose Link-up Button.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

He left a legacy...

Tonight, I hosted a party for a group of friends.
We're graduating.
A chapter of our lives is closing and another one will be unfolding.
Yet, we don't know what the future holds for sure.

Today, an incredible, godly, and wise young man died.
He will be missed.
His name- Joey.
The last facebook status he posted-

“Dear heavenly Father, make us into your people. Knit our hearts together till we are one as you and Your Son are one. May death enter all our sinful nature and be cast off. Let us breath Your air and see Your light and follow your path. Guide us on the Way, fill is with the Truth, may Your Life pour out of us like a raging river, bringing its nature to all in whom it comes in contact with. Open our eyes to see and clear out our ears to hear. Touch our hearts so they are set, fixed on you. That every breath we breath would issue forth your praise, and every deed usher in Your kingdom. Until every thing in heaven and earth is subject to the Lordship of Christ. Amen

An encouragement, for those who are helpless, hopeless, and broken before Him.” 

If ever there was a testimony, a legacy to leave, not only on Facebook, but in life, that is the legacy worth leaving. I'm so thankful for the ways that God used Joey to impact my life. Though my heart is sad, my heart is also happy and at peace. He is with God for eternity. 

I'm thankful for Joey's encouraging words. The inspiration that he was and is.
He encouraged me to share at an open mic the heart-speak of poetry.
He lived as a light.
Not perfect, but he never would have claimed perfection.
He lived a life made new, a life saved by grace.

Life has unexpected twists and turns. We aren't promised a tomorrow.
So, we ought to live wisely, live truly, live wholly today.

Matthew 6:9-13
"Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done, 
on earth as it is in heaven. 
Give us this day our daily bread,  
and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors. 
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil."


Thursday, April 26, 2012

A mixture of a week...

There are some weeks in which a heart can be overwhelmingly heavy with sorrow and weary, then overwhelmingly overcome with peace, and then still later overflowing with joy.

That is the sort of week I have had.

The week began with some heavy sorrow. Philippians 4:4-7 has been my anthem during such sorrow. My Mema, the one with the songbird voice that has told me farm stories, baked cookies with me, played a memory-matching game, the one who is now fading with loss of her memory had a hard week. She thought my Pepa was still alive. She thought that no one was letting her see him. So, she threw herself to the ground. Like a small child trapped in adult frame she acted out. My heart was filled with heavy sorrow. She believed her husband-love was alive and that no one would let her see him. Yet, those around her had the knowledge that he has been gone many years.

All that I could do was pray and write.
And, remember Philippians 4:4-7-

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Yet, then my heart was overcome with peace. That still small whisper of love.
As I prayed and gave thanks and let my requests be known to Him. He was faithful to provide peace.
Though, I don’t believe that peace is an absence of pain. I think it is possible to still be in the calm of peace with an aching heart. Yet, it is an aching heart that is calm and not wrought with anxiety.
Perhaps I’m wrong, but that is a personal observation of peace.
And, then there was that gentle joy as I found out that my Mema was calmer and had gone back to her “usual self”. She is confused and still in the hospital, but doing so much better.

Then, last night, a dear friend called. She had glorious news to share!
I made such loud and joyful sounds over the phone upon hearing her news. She shared with a happy heart. And, I truly understand. We took time to pray together and give the utmost thanks. I’m so happy for her.

So, in life, there are times of sorrow yet there is peace.
And in life there are times of nearly unspeakable joy.
There are both and sometimes they happen in the same week or even the same day.

Yet, there is one thing that I know above all else- He is good.
Amidst the sorrow- He is good.
Amidst the joy- He is good.

This has been such a mixture of a week.
But, with a peaceful heart, I’m smiling and taking in the beauty of today. 

The Daydream Darling

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Magnificent Monday after prom...

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a Magnificent Monday!
Today I have the utmost pleasure of sharing prom pictures and a bit about the wonderful time.

This past weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of attending prom. Please note: This post will be filled with an overwhelming amount of prom pictures. =)

The day started off with resting and getting ready. Then, it was time for a bit of pictures with most of my family.

My Papa Bear.

My sweet Momma.

My brother and I in what my sister calls a "classic" us picture.

My beautiful sister who took the photos that afternoon.
After picture time with my family it was time to excitedly wait for a certain fellow to arrive...

Excited face.

He arrived and surprised me with lovely flowers. (They even matched my dress...)

And now, my dear readers, friends, and family, I would like you to meet Luke...
(I have a feeling that there is a strong possibility that you may hear more about him in another post sometime soon...) 

After a lovely time of pictures we headed off for an evening of memory making...

It was truly a wonderful evening!  
Got lost, used team work (and our map) to eventually get to where we needed to be,
Talked to an interesting guy about being "homeschooled" and answered his questions about the prom,
Went down a lot of stairs,
Visited with friends,
Walked around,
Ate yummy food,
Made lots of memories,
And of course, danced a lot.
It was a wonderful night.

I cherish the time. All of it. For even the parts that don't go quite as planned make up a part of the whole- a whole for which I am thankful for.

So, now I'm sitting here on a truly Magnificent Monday wearing a bracelet from him and taking in the sweet scent and beauty of the flowers.

And, for those of you that know about my health issues...I'm pleased and amazed to say that I'm overall feeling great! A bit tired, a bit sore, but not crashed or in terrible Fibro pain! Words can't express how happy this makes me. I'm learning to live with these health issues and finding what supplements, diet, and lifestyle work best to help me. I'm thankful. Having the amazing night of prom wouldn't have been possible a year ago. I'm so overwhelmingly thankful. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and that you too are having a truly Magnificent Monday!

The Daydream Darling

Friday, April 20, 2012

Together...a Five Minute Friday...



The first thing I think of is quality time.
Quality time- Oh, how loudly that speaks love to me and so many important people in my life.
When together is time spent coloring a paper city with littlest brother,
When together is time spent with Momma on car rides,
When together is spent with Sara Beth having good talks over cups of tea,
When together is with Sissy laughing over a movie or her sweetly painting my nails,
When together is my Daddy and I share deeper talks over French-toast making kind of mornings,
When together is laughter and silliness with my man-boy brother,
When together is with a large group of friends or a small group of friends,
When together is good talks, walks up to the door, and side hugs,

…Together is wonderful.

And, tomorrow, a certain guy and I will go to prom- together.
He, our other friends and I will celebrate together.

Yes, together.
The memories from togetherness can make you smile, make you laugh, make you sigh, and sometimes make you cry.
Together. I’m so thankful for times of together.


The Daydream Darling

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Font happy and a thought board...

Today I found what may be my new favorite font! It is called "Learning Curve".
It is so pretty, graceful, and smooth. So, of course I used it for a secret creative project that I'm working on.
(Isn't it fun to plan surprises!?)

I'm font happy.

I also used a bit of creativity to put together a "thought board" of what's on my mind. Graduation, prom, and so on to name a few. (Prom is this weekend!)

I must say that even though I will miss picnik I'm so glad that I found out about PicMonkey. I also may have been even more excited about it when I saw this following message on my screen...

Yes, it made me smile and took me back to all those Star Wars watching days.

I hope you are having a good week!

If you created an artistic "thought board", what are some of the things that would be on it?
The Daydream Darling

Sister time and cookies...

Laughter really is good for the heart. My sister and I spent some lovely time together on Tuesday night.
Sister time is a wonderful thing and I'm so thankful for the memories we make together.

We enjoyed a bit of time outside eating cookies and I sky watched a bit.

Enjoying looking at the sky and the way the light catches the leaves.

My view.

 Sissy doesn't much like being in front of the camera, but she and I can have a lot of fun anyway. She's becoming quite great at taking pictures and we always share some good laughs.

Then of course we enjoyed our cookies...

After enjoying laughter, picture fun, and cookies we headed inside and watched most of the movie Bolt. We enjoyed laughing a lot, and let me tell you, Sissy can quote the really funny parts of that movie. She is amazing.

All in all, I'm so thankful that my Sissy and I have such a close relationship.

Also, my Sissy makes the amazing chocolate chip cookies! I usually try not to eat white flour and white sugar, but I gave in and had a few of these cookies this week. They are that good.

Here is a link to the recipe she found on the internet and uses. (The only ingredient she doesn't use is  the cup of chopped nuts.) Enjoy! Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

The Daydream Darling

Photo Credit- The photos of me were taken by my sister. 
All other photos in this post were taken by me. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Magnificent Monday: A closer look...

Hello everyone!

It's another Magnificent Monday! Instead of getting caught up in the Monday blues, would you choose to celebrate this day of the week with me today? After all, there is joy and beauty to be appreciated even on difficult Mondays!

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. I have some exciting week from today I hope to have prom pictures to share with all of you! My prom is this weekend and I'm very excited to say the least.
I look forward to sharing pictures!

For this Monday I wanted to share Pictures of a Closer View with you. A series of photos taking a closer look at some of the expected and unexpected beauties of life. I hope you enjoy it!

May your Mondays be Magnificent!

This week I'm looking forward to...
Sister-ship time,
Family time,
This week I hope to share...
Odds and ends of life,
A health update,
And, a bit of creativity. 

The Daydream Darling

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thoughts of prom and a thankful sigh...


It's coming. I'm counting down the days upon my fingers.
I have a feeling that the days leading up to it will fly by or will seem to creep at a snail's pace.

The shoes are sitting in their cardboard home (after a little photo time)- just waiting for the night of dancing to arrive.

The earrings sit upon the wooden box with the cottage scene- just waiting to hang from my little ears for the evening of festivity.
The dress hangs inside my closet waiting for me to slip into it for the jubilant night.
And, my heart is excited for the time, excited to spend it with a certain guy, excited to celebrate with friends, and excited for this part of the celebration that marks a closing chapter of my life.

Last night I went to dance lessons.
I learned a little bit of Charleston and how to box-step waltz.
I was reminded how to cotton-eyed-joe and utterly failed at the polka.
I learned things about myself and reflected inwardly on things that for now reside within my journal pages.
Isn't blank paper wonderful? To be able to spill ink upon blank page to treasure, process, or simply record the little memories of life.

So, prom. It's coming. I'm counting down the days.
But, even more so, I'm giving thanks for how blessed this season of life is right now.
Thanks for my wonderful parents, my loving sister, movie watching snuggles with my baby brother, hugs and deeper talks with my brother that is growing daily more into a man, for friendships, for creativity, for poetry, and for the memory makings and adventures of this time.

What is on your mind today?

The Daydream Darling  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Yesterday was a wonderful day.

I enjoyed creating a fun photo birthday message for a friend, went out to lunch with another friend, went on a park adventure, had dinner with my family, and then headed to small group where I got to see some more wonderful people where we talked about God's grace.

Today I'm admittedly a bit worn from all the activity of yesterday, but not crashed. I'm so thankful for my current state of health. There is so much that I've been able to do this year that would have been impossible a year ago.

I wanted to share pictures from the park adventures and introduce you to a lovely friend of mine.We've known each other a very long time and her name is Tiffany. She and I have made some great memories over the years. (Some of which were made while going to not one but two Relient K concerts together!)

I'm so thankful for Tiffany. She has been one of the friends that have prayed for, supported, and kept in contact with me through all of my health issues. She continues to want to know how I'm doing and pray for me. That means so very much to me.

We took the following picture while on our park adventure. When I came home and uploaded the pictures this one just felt like it needed words. So, I wrote the little phrase from the inspiration of our friendship and our time together yesterday. I'm so thankful for friendship!

And, this is Tiffany...

(She's so very pretty!)

We enjoyed the afternoon.

And, lest you think that we're never silly...

 What friendships are you thankful for today?

The Daydream Darling

Pictures taken by me except for those of just me. Those were taken by Tiffany.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy birthday Laura...

Today is the birthday of a lovely friend of mine.
I'm so glad that this year I've had the opportunity to get to know her better.
I won't get to see her today so I decided to put together a little birthday message for her on here and send her the link.

Happy birthday, Laura! I hope this makes you smile.

P.S. My dog says happy birthday too!

The Daydream Darling