Thursday, March 8, 2012

When plans fall through...

When plans fall through, craft a bit and clean your room.
Well, at least if you were me that might be what you do.

You see, I had plans for tonight, but last night they fell through.
I'll be honest and say that it was a bit disappointing. Not because it was a majorly special event. No, simply because I was looking forward to the quality time. But, plans not working out how we hoped is a part of life. And, in relationships whether it be with friends, family, or a special someone I'm being reminded of 1 Corinthians 13. Yes, the love chapter. God's really been working in my heart and showing me how selfish I can be with my family, friends, and so on. True love isn't selfish, it's selfless.

Example: If I'm in a bad mood or tired I may not feel like playing a board-game when my little brother asks me to. But, true love means playing a game with him because I want him to know that I care for him and love him.

That's just one example of ways that God is prodding my heart and seems to be saying, "Do you really love? Show it in this moment. Not just when it is easy, but when you are worn."

So, I set about today to not wallow in disappointment when plans change. Instead I wanted to embrace the night. Was I perfect at living out love to my precious family? No. I still mess up. But, by God's grace I want to live out love as Christ calls us to.

And, when plans fall through it can be a good use of one's time to craft and clean a room! That was a good use of my evening tonight. I documented a bit of the crafts and thought that I would share.

I enjoyed sorting through my bowl of assorted buttons. When you buy a bag of mixed buttons it is a bit like a treasure hunt and a craft adventure looking through them.

This little button is a treasure from my button time. It was the only button shaped like a heart in the whole bunch.
Playing with green buttons and green fabric for a possible project.
All in all, I'm so thankful for today, the lessons of love, heart checks, growth, craft time, and cleaning.


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  1. I love those photos :)
    great post!!


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