Monday, March 19, 2012

On this Monday...

On this Monday I'm having a bit of Fibdromyalgia pain going on.
I think it is partly from the busy weekend, but mostly it's due to the stormy weather. I'm not a doctor, but every time there is a big storm I usually have some sort of surge in my FM pain level.

But, even though I don't feel that great it is still a Magnificent Monday! I'm still choosing joy.

It's been a Magnificent Monday because I've been able to cherish memories from the weekend, accomplish GED prep-work, read a bit, look at my almost completed crocheted bunny, and rest.

I thought I would share a few pictures with all of you that I took last week.

I hope that they make you smile a bit!

Weed moment...

This week I'm looking forward to sharing...

-Stories and pictures from the weekend.
-The completed crocheted bunny!
-A health update and update on my GED preparations.

May your Mondays be magnificent!

The Daydream Darling

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