Monday, March 26, 2012

A Magnificent Monday of spring...

Hello everyone!

It's another Magnificent Monday and I've spent a good bit of it soaking up sunshine, swinging, and writing in my journal while outdoors.

Last week when I enjoyed a bit of conversation with someone a thought struck me. We had been admiring the sky/clouds and discussing how amazing they are. The thought that struck me and that I shared was...

For each year that I've been alive I've experienced spring.
Yet, it always amazes me and takes my breath away each new spring.

 Each spring comes about the same time each year. I've seen the blooms, the grass, felt the cool breezes, smelt the fragrance before. Yet, it is still amazing. All the birds in their twitter-pation tweeting, calling, and cooing to each other. All the vast blue sky and bright new green growth is incredible.

I'm so thankful for spring and all the beauty it brings about.

On this Magnificent Monday consider taking a moment to enjoy the season.
Take a moment to enjoy the newness of this week.
Take a moment to notice the beauty.
For, if you're not careful, you might over look the tiniest beauty in a pale, tiny, and hidden weed-flower.

The flower with a story...

The Daydream Darling


  1. A wonderful post, Sarah! I feel the same way - spring just fills me with joy - the sunshine, blue skies, and bright colors everywhere!

    So glad you have been able to get outdoors to enjoy it!


    1. Thank you, Sue!
      Yes, spring is such a lovely time!

      I'm glad that I have been able to enjoy it too! There was a time health wise that I had to rest in bed and spend this sort of day looking out the window. That makes days like today and my current state of health all the more special.

      I hope you are having a good start to your week!


  2. I love spring & getting outside!! There is such beauty everywhere! :)

    1. I absolutely agree, Sarah! =)
      Thanks for leaving a comment.


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