Thursday, March 22, 2012


There are times that life feels lit up and memories seem to glow within your mind.

Tonight I enjoyed a bit of raspberry hot cocoa amidst good company. 
We talked of lots of odds and ends of life and of clouds and how they always amaze our minds.
I hope and I pray that we are both a light in this world shining brighter as we grow. 
For life is so much more. More than any relationship. We are each new creations and called to be light in this world. 

I long to be a bright light in this world, not hidden, but shining that others may see. 
Not that they may give glory or attention to me, but that glory will be to Father. 

When I arrived home from the outing I looked out the window at the fading sky and suddenly thought of a jar and my battery operated strands of lights.
I grabbed said items and my camera then I dashed on my brown corduroy coat.
Out the back door I flew, down the steps, and out in the yard.
Lights glowing within the jar,
Lying on the ground at times,
Setting up the jar and lights just right,
And looking like quite the oddity to my neighbors,
I captured the light. 

And, later, I rested on my back for a bit. I watched the clouds move across the sky as the very last traces of light faded away for the night.
I thought of the phrase that took my breath away when I read it again  this afternoon-

"And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace." 
(John 1:16)       

Grace upon grace.
I'm amazed by the clouds, by the beauty of light, by those words, but most of all by Him.

May I be a bright light as I walk this earth.
Not hidden.
Radiantly shining for His glory. 

I treasure these memories, I treasure the truth of the scripture and the way they pierce into me.

Tonight I enjoyed raspberry hot cocoa with good company.
Tonight I watched clouds.
Tonight I was spontaneous in capturing little glimpses through a camera lense.
But, most of all, tonight I was reminded of His goodness.
Reminded to shine and that through Jesus I have received grace upon grace.

The Daydream Darling

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