Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flower surprises...

As my "Senior" prom approaches with every passing day I'm all the more excited.
I'm looking forward to a fun night and making wonderful memories with friends.

I recently looked through pictures from when I went to prom two years ago.
One of the things that I had forgotten about was how my Daddy surprised me. Now, my Daddy is usually not very good at keeping secrets. But, two years ago he really surprised me.

I remember it was a bright spring day and I was out in the front yard. A delivery truck stopped in front of our house and the delivery guy had a package for me.
It was completely unexpected and I had no idea what it could have been.

With a mixture of curiosity and excitement I opened the box to find the loveliest pink rose plant! They were small, light pink, and there was a precious note from my Daddy.

He surprised me by ordering me flowers as a part of the fun of prom.

I love him so very much and I cherish that surprise that was an expression of his Papa love so very, very much!

Another sweet flower moment was on the actual day of prom. Two brothers that I'm friends with gave me four red roses together. They both had dates, but wanted to bless me as a friend.

Even though I didn't go with a "date" that year.
(Which, I was honestly completely okay with!)
Between my amazing Daddy surprising me with the pink roses and my two friends surprising me with the red roses I felt like one very cherished young lady.

Do you have sweet memories of receiving flowers at one point or another?

The Daydream Darling

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