Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My prom dress...sort of...

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to share with you my prom dress. Well, sort of...
You see, I think it is fun to keep a little mystery to the dress with most people until the actual night of festivities. I've had friends ask what it looks like and I try my best to give a reasonable description.  Tonight I had the idea to take a picture and play with creative editing. As I had a bit of fun on Picnik I came up with a creative picture to share with all of you!

This is what I call, "My prom dress veiled in a bit of mystery." It gives you the general idea, but doesn't give the full look of it away.
And, here is a sneak peek at the color.
Come April, I look forward to a fun evening making memories and dancing a lot.
I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures to share with all of you then.

The story of how we found it is a bit funny.

My Momma, Sissy, and I went on a bit of a spontaneous shopping spree. Momma randomly asked if I would like to go stop by a store before we went to the grocery store. So, off we went not planning on finding anything. We went and poked about two thrift stores. Everything was either too short, the wrong color, too small, too big, or showing way too much of something. After the second thrift store we were about to head off to do the grocery shopping. But, there was a lady that began chatting with us. She was looking for a dress to wear to an event she was headed to in New York. She was very friendly and at one point even asked us what dress size we thought she was. (May I just say, I would never guess someone's dress size. I'm terrible at guessing and I know I would say something terribly wrong.) We were about to head out and wished her happy shopping when she looked at my sister and started telling Momma about dresses she saw at a nearby store. She though we were shopping for my sister, but Momma liked the sound of some of the dresses so we stopped by the store.

Once there I found the dress first, but went ahead and grabbed three other dresses to try. I was most excited about the dress and was going to try it on first. But, Momma (with a twinkle in her eye) made me try the other dresses first. When none of them were quite right she had me turn away from the mirror and put on the dress. I turned around and I knew it was just the right dress. Comfortable, not too showy, feminine, and red. It twirls in such a way that makes me feel like a lady and also a little girl.

It's a funny feeling. To feel like a grown up and yet also a child at heart. It really is.

On the day we hadn't planned to find a dress we found the dress. I smile again as I think of the irony of it. 

Back at home after the grocery shopping I twirled like a little princess for my Daddy and with tears in his Papa eyes he gave it two thumbs up.

Last night (when I showed the dress to a friend) my Daddy lovingly said, "The dress is nice. But, the young lady inside it is so much nicer." I love my Daddy.

I hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek and story!

There is so much more to life than a dress. I am thankful for this dress and the memories we made as we found it. And, even though the dress won't matter 1,000 years from now, it is fun to enjoy the twirling of the moment.



  1. From the sneak peak, it looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest!

    Your daddy sounds so sweet :) Aren't we blessed to have such amazing fathers??? :)


  2. That color looks to be the absolute perfect shade of red! I loved the story, and I also cannot wait to see photos!

  3. Emily-

    Thank you, Emily!
    I should hopefully have prom pictures to share at the end of April. =)

    Yes, we're very blessed!


    Thank you! =) Your comment made me smile.


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