Monday, February 20, 2012

Magnificent Monday: Playing in the rain...

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a truly Magnificent Monday!

This past weekend was really a wonderful time. I played with precious kiddos, celebrated my Mema's birthday, and enjoyed great family time. Last night was a youth performance night where much fun was had and many memories were made.

You know that oh so common question we often ask one another? The, "How are you?"
It is so often followed up by good, fine, or okay. And, I often wonder what the truth is.
Well, if you asked me today I would say, "I'm jubilant!"
 Life isn't perfect. There are things that weigh heavily on my heart and there is messy along with the beautiful. But, I am jubilant! I'm so thankful for the joys of today.

Over the weekend we were blessed with wonderful rain! I took Annie Girl out to play and run off some energy. My Papa Bear thought that I needed to be photographed. So, as I was out playing in the rain I turned around to see that he was taking pictures. Well, the memories of the moment make me smile. So, I thought I would share the pictures he took with all of you.

Sometimes in life it is great to play in the rain, jump in the puddles, chase the dog through the mud, and laugh a little extra.

Have you ever enjoyed playing in the rain?
When was the last time you put on some rain-boots and jumped in a puddle?

May your Monday be Magnificent!  Take time to smile.


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