Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A doodle day...

I like to doodle.
I'll have random spurts of inspiration and I will take a black-ink pen in hand.
Then, a simple little character will form onto the white page.
I do not claim any true skill in the area of painting or drawing, but it is fun to just play.

And, let me tell you, playfulness happened today.

Early this morning a doodle idea came to my mind.
It is February and I thought, "Why not create a sweet (slightly cheesy) doodled couple?"
Well, I did.

Want to see?

Flickr Link

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Balloon. 
They have a story that I might have to tell very soon. 
Mrs. wears a bow on her "head", but Mr. (being a guy) wears a bow-tie instead.

(I had a bit of fun on Picnik and created a few other fun designs of the happy couple...)

Flickr Link

Flickr Link

It is such fun to be creative and imaginative!
Who knows, I may be creating more Mr. and Mrs. Balloon doodles and adventures.
Doodling is a simple way to bring a bit of creativity to your day.

Do you enjoy doodling?



  1. Hello, Sarah. I love to doodle so much that I'm thinking about incorporating it into something more. Perhaps I can decorate my home with more personal "artwork" or start a small business. I came across your blog and just love how inspiring it is. Thank you. I can really relate to you.

  2. Your doddles are SO cute!!! I love the little kiss on his cheek!! :) Perfect for Valentine's day!

  3. Michelle- Thanks!

    Mishea- Those sound like great ideas! I'm glad you like to doodle too.
    Thank you for your sweet words. I'm blessed to know that you think my blog is inspiring. Have a great day!

    Sarah- Thank you so much, Sarah! You're too sweet. I had a lot of fun creating the doodle couple. =)


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