Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Deep-breath adventure...

Today I've been thinking a bit about the adventure of tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night I will stand before a room of people and share a spoken word.
In the past I have read my poetry for others- for family, for friends, for a poet, for strangers, and from a stage.
But, for this I feel the need to take a few extra deep breaths.
I think it is because I know that in that room there are many artists.
There will be artists that create with cameras, brushes, paint, pens, paper, musical notes, and voices.
Though I have spoken from a stage it seems so much more artistically intimate to speak when someone the room is filled with artists and an audience sitting upon a floor, chairs, and beanbags mere feet away.
I speak of a coffee shop open mic night.
The mic is open, you sign up on the list, they call your name, and then you share.
So, I take a few deep breaths and I smile knowing that two wonderful people will be there with me.
We'll ride off for the evening's adventure and hear the other artists share.
My hope, my desire, and my prayer is that in some small way the words of this simple poet-gal will be used by Him.
I'll take deep breaths,
I'll share this heart-pouring of a poem,
And, I trust that my imperfection can be used for a purpose far beyond me.

Tomorrow night I'm going on a deep-breath adventure.
It's the sort of adventure that has excitement mixed with a bit of nervousness fluttering about inside me.
It is an adventure that requires some extra deep breaths, yet there is excited anticipation for the time.

Have you ever gone on a deep-breath adventure?


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