Friday, January 6, 2012

Sleep well...

I just returned home from the library and I smiled as I looked up at the moon in the bright blue sky.

Upon arriving home I ran into the house to pick up Desislava. (Or, Desi for short.) I couldn't glimpse the moon from the backyard, so, back through the house and out to the front yard I went.

I captured a glimpse of the beauty. A mere glimpse. But, I'm glad I froze it into a frame.

I'm tired today. Happy, but tired.

I think my tiredness is perhaps physical and emotional. I've been processing and praying through different things a lot lately. I've been physically more active. I think I need to slow down a bit. It's a new year filled with new adventures.  But, it is still just as important to take time to "just be" and take time for sufficient rest.

In my physical and emotional tiredness I choose to smile. I choose to look up at the moon residing in the sky and sigh. A happy sigh, not lonely or sad, but happy. I will make the most of my activities, but I will also make the most of the times of rest.

May you take time to look at the moon when it is in the sky.
May you make the most of the busy and the restful times.
May God lead and guide your life.
And, to quote Mae's song Sleep Well may you-

Sleep well,
Sleep well,


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