Friday, January 27, 2012

A life update and lots of smiles...

Hello everyone!

How are you? I've been rather absent in the blogger sphere lately.  But, today I'm back to update you on a lot of exciting things!

Back in this post I wrote a bit about transitions. That is one of the major words to describe 2012 for me so far. I'm excited! And, I finally have the opportunity to share a bit about some of those transitions.

The first exciting news is that I'm in the process of receiving a GED. I'm very excited and should be done by May! This is honestly such a relief and answer to prayers. My health issues have made completing high school (in a more typical fashion) very difficult. But, the GED program and test seems so much better suited for my life right now. And, I will be able to finally have more of a real closure on my high school chapter of life.

I will never stop learning. I want to continue learning and growing my entire life. I may even take college classes little by little. But, it will be such a wonderful thing to be "finished" with a season.

Another bit of exciting news is that I will actually be able to participate in the graduation with my friends in June! I will get to walk the stage with a group of wonderful people from one of our local home-school groups. I'm very, very excited!

I've also been honored with an invitation to prom this year by a splendid gentleman. I'm so glad he asked me and I'm truly looking forward to going with him. (Bonus: He is very sensitive of my health issues and how they affect my life! When people take time to try to understand, aren't afraid to ask questions, and are supportive, it means so very much. Words can't truly express how much that means to me.)

This is such an exciting time for me. A year ago none of this seemed possible. I look back on my journals and realize how blessed I am.

Last January-
I didn't think I would be able to complete my high school education for a long time.
I didn't think I would ever be a part of a graduation ceremony. (That is part of why my wonderful parents put together my Sarahbration party.)
I didn't know if there would ever be a godly young man willing to be sensitive to my health issues, interested in me and in asking me to something like prom.  (Though, honestly, I'm amazed looking back in my journals and realizing recently how God has taken me on a journey of contentment over the last year.)

This January-
I'm completing "high school" and will be able to move on to college classes if I want to.
I'm going to celebrate a closing chapter of life with a group of amazing people.
I'm going to prom with a wonderful guy.

The things that I most want to say is- God is faithful.
I believed that when I was in bed for days at a time a year ago and I continue to believe that in this season of jubilation.

Words can't express how happy and thankful I am!

This is a year of transitions and this is a year of adventure. I pray that Daddy God continues to guide me every step of the way.


P.S. My health continues to be in a good place. I still need to be wise, stay within the boundaries, take my supplements, and rest, but I'm in a good place.

Also, I'm excited to share pictures soon of the gift I've been working on! I'm so close to being finished with it.


  1. This is wonderful news Sarah! I am so happy for you and wish you all the best. Enjoy this wonderful time!


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