Monday, January 23, 2012

Beauty in imperfection...

I wrote the following post last week, but didn't post it. I wanted to take a bit of time to share it with all of you tonight.
I hope you are having a Magnificent Monday! I have a good bit to catch you up on this week.
But, until tomorrow, would you take a bit of time to read about this thing I call beauty in imperfection?
Will you say with me that there is beauty in imperfection?
Will you say to your reflection that there is beauty in imperfection?

Thank you for reading on...

My heart ached as I read about a beauty that felt so flawed, so lacking, so ugly. My heart ached. For, she is so beautiful. And, she was hurting her body and her mind. Simply, she was hurting.

Yet, it is so identifiable. The not feeling good enough, thin enough, too flawed, too many stretch marks, too many scars; too much or not enough of something. There is so much emphasis put on perfection. But, perfection isn’t attainable. Not only that, but not everyone sees physical beauty the same.

Just as I’ve never been attracted to super built, buff, etched, out of the magazine of GAP sort of guys, not all guys want a model slender girl. Personally, when it comes to outward appearance, I like what I describe as “a quirky/creative/nerd with good hygiene” sort of guy. (Yes, you may laugh. But, it is true!) And, I’m finally at a place where I know that if the right guy is out there he is going to love me in my imperfect form. I’ve got blemishes, extra weight, and scars, but that is okay. I’m me.

It’s a journey though. I grew up spending a good bit of time much heavier. At age 14, I was 35ish pounds heavier than I am now. All of my friends seemed like the tiniest things. But, I began to make healthy changes to my diet and I was exercising. I began to feel much healthier and in turn I looked healthier.

Today, I really am happy.

Am I supremely proud of every aspect of my body? No.
Do I appreciate my body and its current condition? Yes.
Why? Because, I have physically been so ill due to chronic health issues that I spent days not being able to shower. I spent time where I was very isolated and couldn’t enjoy using my body to go out and about. (Much less enjoy “primping”.) Because, I realized in those bad times how much I have to be thankful for in good times like this. And, because, I realized that our bodies fade, sag, wrinkle, and age. Though there is beauty in the midst of aging I realized deep in my heart that I want good health and good heart- not outward “perfection”. (If there even is such a thing!)

After all, a person can look “perfect” on the outside while rotting within.

Why have I written all of this today?
I think it is because I want all of us as older women, young women, and girls to realize from the very depths of our heart that beauty is so much more than perfection. I want to hug you, like I often want to go back and hug my young 14 year-old self and say, “You’re beautiful. It’s okay. You’re loved. You are precious. Strive to be healthy and appreciate all these life adventures. You never know what tomorrow holds.”



  1. Thank you so much for this post.
    You are a wise girl, Sarah.

  2. You're welcome.
    Thank you for your kind words.


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