Friday, January 13, 2012

Awake: A five minute Friday...

I haven't linked up to a five minute Friday in a long while, but today when I read the prompt I knew that words were ready to spill.

Want to join in with five minutes of your time?



This morning I rested awake in bed with head upon my pillow.
I dreamed the night right through.
I dreamed dreams that were good and true.
But, I wasn’t wholly happy when I awoke,
For the dreams had revealed desires of my heart and how deep they seeped through.
I desire what I dreamed about.
But, as I was awake I knew that I still held empty hands out in trust.
Awake- I knew that life is still in transition and limbo land with some things.
Awake- I chose again to lift my empty hands and trust that He knows best.
Awake- I know that I want this dream to come true, but rushing will not improve
Instead it would hurt.

So, I sit awake with a trusting heart.
I sit awake and I wait.
I will not be idle, but I will wait on Him for this.
I sit awake,
I choose to trust and wait.



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