Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 has just begun...

Hello everyone!

2012 has just begun! Transitions, possibility, love, and blessings are the first four words that keep coming to my mind to describe this new year so far.

There are a lot of transitions unfolding this year that I'm excited about! I'm looking forward to sharing with all of you once things continue to unfold with each individual life transition. The first transition that has occurred is the transition out of my youth group into the young adult group. That may seem like such a small thing, but it really feels like one chapter of my life closed and a brand new one has just begun. It was overwhelming, but it is also extremely exciting. I can already tell that the new setting is going to be a growing experience. I'm looking forward to how God grows me.

Keep an eye out for more transition updates in the coming months!

There is a lot of possibility in my life right now. Some of the possibility has me in the often unpleasant place called "limbo land", but it is exciting.

My life is so filled with love. I've been overwhelmed first and foremost by God's love. And, this year there are so many wonderful and loving relationships in my life. I also want this year to be a time of majorly living out love even more.

All in all, I'm incredibly blessed. Sometimes I worry that I overuse that word, but it is so true. I'm very blessed in so many ways! My health continues to be in a good place, I'm dreaming, contemplating, and living a full life. A full life doesn't mean going a hundred miles an hour and filling every time slot on my calendar. I used to think that is what a full life is. But, I'm learning that a full life is so much more than that! A full life is making the most of the blessings, the joys, the hard times, and living for more than yourself.

Life isn't perfect, I hope no one ever thinks that. I have hard days, days that I cry or worry too much about the future. But, in the midst of it all I'm so very thankful.

Now that I've shared a bit about 2012 in words, I would like to ask you.

What four words best describe 2012 so far for you?



  1. Hi Sarah!

    Happy New Year to you! This year will be a blessed year for sure =)

  2. Hello!

    Reading your comment left a broad smile on my face. =)


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