Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When I spend time with one I love...

When I spend time with one I love we might be fantastically creative.
When I spend time with one I love I pick out activities with them in mind.
When I spend time with one I love there will most certainly be smiles and laughter shared.
And, when I spend time with one I love I can lose all track of time.

That is a good description of a craft time I recently had with my precious little brother. J and I put together a foam gingerbread bakery. (The craft kit had all needed supplies within one box!) We worked on it for over an hour, laughed, smiled, and enjoyed being creative. (We even enjoyed being a bit messy! Glitter as fine as powdered-sugar is not for the faint of heart crafter!)
And, most of all, I spent time with one I love. Because I very much so love this little guy that is growing up one day at a time.

Want to see our fantastic creation? I hope so because it is a very festive looking bakery!

Here is the front of our gingerbread bakery. Complete with glitter snow!

My family and I recently enjoyed watching the latest edition of Prep and Landing. (Watch Prep and Landing Videos: here!) Well, J decided we needed to make our very own Ginger-Elf complete with parachute and hat on the side of the bakery.

Our candy tree in the back.

Side with windows and gum-drops!

And, this little gingerbread man will soon become a ginger-Santa. Jeremiah gave him little red gloves and asked me to make him a hat and bag.
Isn't it fun to take time with one you love, make memories, and be creative?

Have you made any good holiday memories recently?


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