Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Spill ink to the page...

Today was a grand day.

Really. It was.

There was quality time spent, song writing creatively accomplished, laughter, cookies, tea, more laughter, a completed word puzzle, more singing, listening to certain songs way too much, dancing, more laughter, yummy food, and more family time.

Yes, it was a grand day.

I’ve just spent a good bit of time with my paper journal and an ink filled pen.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to hold a pen in your hand and mark down onto paper whatever you need to express, think through, pray about, and process?

My journal is filling up quickly. I write and then I write even more. Words pour forth and sometimes songs or poems begin their little prose life within journal pages. I learn lessons as I write and even grow. Writing is a journey. My journals are documenting my journey one day, one sentence, one word at a time.

Sometimes journal pages are filled while sitting over a cozy cup of tea as in the picture above.
Sometimes they are filled while sitting cris-cross-applesauce on my bed.
Sometimes I'm smiling and silly as I write.
And, sometimes, I'm working through something.

I process well on paper. There are times I just need to sit and write and process through spilling upon a page. Then, I talk. Tonight was a mixture of smiles and silly journal filling. But, it was also processing. Good, but also complex.

Emotions and thoughts can be fickle things. Yes, yes, they can. Sometimes things need to spill onto a page to be re-read, prayed over, and tenderly discussed. Sometimes it is good to write so fast so the words that need to be expressed spill upon the page. Yes, sometimes it is very good.   

I'm so thankful for ink filled pens and pages waiting to be filled as I journey on; whatever that daily looks like.

Do you journal?
Can you identify with the need to process upon a page? 


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  1. I journal but am neither good nor faithful at it although I am sitting right now with my journal open on the bed beside me. I have filled about 7 or 8 maybe-some of them very small (notebooks rather than journal), but the writing quality and the sentiments are often despicable. I am hardly a "true" writer by nature like you seem to be (I love your blog writing by the way), but I certainly could put a little more effort into the art part of my writing-I kind of see it like a chore or a duty as if I must record my days; however, I do love collecting pretty journals for all that (mine are not all pretty though).


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