Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seeing beauty and a name...

There is beauty.
There is beauty to be found and beauty waiting to be noticed.

Today as I got out of the car after doing a bit of shopping, I noticed this little tiny flower weed. There beneath the bare tree with decaying leaves all about; there was the tiny flower-weed blossoming with a tiny shout of color. I might have over looked such beauty. I could have walked right past. But, this time I saw. I saw and the shout of color moved me to run inside place my purchases aside and grab that trusted camera of mine.

Sometimes, there is beauty that I almost miss, that must be pointed out to me. Like this picture...

My sister noticed the beautiful reflection from the back seat of the car. We were about to be off on our way to church. We were late. My camera sat on my lap, but I was distracted. I can't stand being late. I was over thinking things, my sister had to remind me to see the beauty of the moment. I'm so glad she reminded me.

I'm so glad that Daddy God helps me not overlook His glory even in the small moments. Moments where beauty takes my breath away. Like the beauty of a newborn baby, of a Daddy lovingly playing with a child, the depth of another's eyes, and walking by my window to see the tree that had turned all new shades of color over night. So, I held my breath and took my camera to capture again...

Maybe I should name my camera Desislava.

Desislava- Search for glory; finding glory. (Source.)

After all, it helps me search for glory and for beauty. Maybe I will name it that. Then every time I hold it in my hands I can remember to search for glory; the glory of my Daddy God. And, as I search for glory, I have a feeling I'll notice beauty all along the way.



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