Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Papa Bear...

Today I've been thinking about my Papa Bear (also known as Daddy).
I've been thinking about how thankful I am for him.

He loves me, tells me meaningfully that I'm beautiful, listens to me, and is a gentleman. On Monday when he was driving me to a few stores I realized that he always opens my door for me when I'm riding up front with him. Always. As I thought about, I realized that he isn't doing it to impress me. He opens doors for me because he wants to show me he cares. He isn't perfect, but he is modeling an example for things that I admire and desire in a guy.

A few (of the many things) that I admire about my Papa Bear:

1. He is considerate.
2. He is honest.
3. He doesn't degrade women and becomes upset when he hears others doing so.
4. He is a gentleman by helping carry heavy things, offering assistance to others, and opening doors for me. Not because he doesn't think I'm capable, but because he cares.
5. He is strong.
6. He isn't afraid to show his heart.
7. He loves my Momma and does his very best to make sure she knows.
(Such as spontaneously sweeping her off on a date last night.)
8. He is a protector. I know if ever there was a threat to the ones he loves that he would do everything he could to protect us.
9. He is a leader.

So, Daddy, if you are reading this, thanks for being a loving example to me.

Obviously, I'm not going to marry someone exactly like my Dad. But, there are admirable things that I see my Papa Bear living out that I'm realizing I truly desire in a future spouse.

I love my Papa Bear very much and I'm so thankful for our relationship being in such a healthy place.


Photo taken by my sister and edited by me. 


  1. it's so sweet to read about your love for your Father! what a beautiful blessing!

  2. Thank you, Sarah!
    I'm glad I shared.
    It is a beautiful blessing for which I'm supremely thankful for.

  3. This is so beautiful! I take my dad for granted too much... Thank you for helping me to see again that he should be lifted up, not torn down, like I do sometimes. My father is such a gentlemen as well! He always opens car doors and other doors for me :) I completely agree with your 'not because he thinks I'm not capable' statement... I am so thankful for my daddy!

  4. Oh, what a nice tribute to your dad, Sarah. Hope you are enjoying a lovely holiday season with your family -


  5. Pretty photo, and I love your hat!

  6. Emily- Thanks for leaving such a precious comment! I’m glad that my simple words have blessed you and encouraged you to appreciate your Dad too. There was a season in my life that I regretfully say I was unkind and unappreciative of my Daddy. Thankfully, the damage of that season has been healed and we have been and are in a wonderful place. It’s such a blessing to have Daddies that are gentlemen!

    I’m glad you are thankful too! =)

    Sue- Thank you so much! I’m glad you thought it was lovely. I’m having a wonderful holiday season indeed! So thankful for the time and joy with family and friends. I hope you and yours are having a blessed time too!

    Livia- Thank you! It is now one of my favorites. (In fact, I went back and purchase the same hat in a navy blue too.)


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