Saturday, December 10, 2011

I have a new nickname...

Hello everyone!

I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful weekend!

I have been given a new nickname in regards to my crocheting skills. Ready for it?
My sister called me that the other night when she saw me crocheting. I guess that means all the crocheting I've been doing lately has improved my speed. I've recently made those newborn hats, two little girl hats, two little girl scarves, a grey beret as a birthday gift, a green beret for myself, and a red sort of crochet style aviator hat. I'm really thankful for the different jobs I've received lately to be paid to crochet different things. It's been a blessing and I really love it when a customer smiles and tells me how happy they are with how it turned out. Happy customers make me happy. I wanted to take a moment to share the finished green beret I made for myself.

Enjoy the pictures!

I enjoyed wearing my hat while I shared a Christmas spoken word on Thursday at a chapel service.

The back of the hat.

I'm really happy with the shade of green that I chose.
Here is a link to the free pattern I used: Beret Pattern This is the third time I've made a hat based off of that pattern and I know it won't be the last. I would suggest the following changes to the pattern though for a snugger fit-

Change round 15 to a repeat of round 13.
Change 17 to a repeat of round 13.
Change 19 to a repeat of round 13.
And, end at round 19 instead of completing rounds 20-21.
Feel free to experiment with different things for the band of this hat. Happy crocheting!

Lastly, I've really been enjoying craft stores lately. Oh my. I really do enjoy them.
With the different crochet jobs I've had lately I've been walking about in craft stores a lot lately. On one of my craft store adventures I found a necklace pendant on clearance. I wanted to take just a minute to share it with you. I think it is lovely to be able to find such fun jewelry pendants and a simple chain all on the same craft aisle.

Moon pendant+simple chain=a lovely new necklace! 
I often end my posts with a question to you, my splendid readers. And, I don't always receive answers, but I'm going to continue asking questions anyway.

Do you enjoy craft stores?
Have you been working on any creative projects lately?

I hope you're enjoying this lovely time of year!



  1. Oh, I love, love, LOVE craft stores. I love the yarn, the jewelry, and the scrapbook sections the best. I have recently made my first beret, but I did it without a pattern; I am trying to go patternless for a lot of my crafts. I have a ton of things started because I am good at starting and bad at finishing. One of my favorite things now are cowl or eternity scarves that I knit out of that yarn that is called homespun.

  2. Hi Livia!

    Oh, me too! I don't venture into the scrap-book sections often, but I enjoy the yarn, cross stitch, and jewelry sections best.

    That's great about your first beret pattern! Do you write out your patterns as you go so you can repeat it easily?
    If you don't mind my asking, what was the motivation for going pattern-less for your projects?

    I enjoy using patterns and I've also completely made up a few of my own. I must say that I've never completed a project based on a pattern that I didn't tweak some.

    I can absolutely understand about the incomplete projects!

    Those sound lovely! I like homespun yarn too! Recently my favorite yarn to work with has been Vanna's Choice by Lion brand. It is soft with such lovely colors.

  3. P.S. Thanks for leaving such a splendid comment!

  4. Well, I think it started when I read the fine print on one of Simplicity's sewing patterns; they were not for use if you meant to sell the items. I always wanted to sell items-and not on a commissioned basis which I do think the pattern rule applies to although I am not sure. I have found it safe to assume that I should use my own patterns unless the pattern is so unoriginal that many people could come up with it (like my patterns). I have just begun actually seeing some response on my etsy shop, so I want to work more seriously on working with my own patterns. My beret was not exactly what I hoped for, and it actually was my first crochet project, and no I did not write it down. When I get something I like I guess I should do that. I did sew a dress making up the pattern as I went along. It ended up a little on the short side, but I thought it was good for the first attempt. I need to post photos on my blog of some of my projects.

  5. I'm a craft store nut too :-) I LOVE your hat - it looks so pretty with your dark hair too!

  6. Beautiful Crocheting! Your beret is just lovely :)

    craft stores are great for imaginative minds, it can be dangerous, it's easy to get lost in there!


  7. Livia-

    Ah! That is very understandable. I’ve looked into the free patterns on lionbrand’s website and the free patterns on Redheart’s website. The majority of those free patterns you are allowed to sell handmade goods based off of. Though, redheart requests that you use their company yarn when selling anything based off of their patterns. It is definitely something I’m learning about too.

    That sounds great!
    I hope you have continued growth in your Etsy shop as you make and sell new items. I’m sure your new camera will come in handy when taking photos of the items you are selling.

    Sarah of dodeline desing-

    Hi Sarah!

    I’m glad that you too are a craft store nut! Thank you very much! I’m actually wearing the hat as I type this reply.
    Your comments always make me smile!

    I hope you are having a lovely day!


    Thank you!

    Yes, that is very true. It’s also very easy to lose track of time while in the craft store!

    Sarah from on the brightside-

    Thank you! =)

  8. I might look into those patterns too although I feel I need to stretch my brain and creativity a great deal.

  9. I think I will try this pattern for a beret (silver-grey) for my friend and perhaps the same one for myself (red). I guess I will try later to come up with my own pattern after I have had more crochet experience :D

  10. That sounds great, Livia! You should post pictures on your blog once you've finished one or both! I would enjoying seeing them in those colors! =)


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