Monday, December 12, 2011

Eye-sparkler moments...

Today I want to write about the sort of nights that there are filled with eye-sparkler moments.

we don't need a holiday to light sparklers
Photo credit to the splendid artist! (Link)

That is what I got to experience this past Friday.

It began with resting, relaxing, and well, primping a bit before the evening arrived.
I applied make-up, braided and heated a few curls into place, put on my favorite pair of heels and my black "I feel like a lady in this" dress. (It may also be the dress that brings tears of love to a Papa's eyes when he sees his not so little, yet always little girl in it.)

Then it was off to the event. Almost late, but there before it began we arrived. The event was a play that my younger sister, youngest brother and many friends were taking part in. It was based on the book, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. The play was filled with wonderful moments of laughter and even a moment that melted my heart as I saw the hard exterior of one of the characters melt away in a moment of vulnerability. It was a great show and I'm very proud of my siblings and friends that took part in it!

After the play was a time filled with socializing, dancing, smiling, and laughing.

I feel like I'm at such a better place health wise.Which made the night all the more enjoyable since I was able to stay the entire time and dance.

Now, you may be wondering what any of this has to do with a sparkler or sparking.
You see, sometimes at such events there are moments that make my eyes sparkle like Fourth of July sparklers in the cover of night.

That picture isn't from that night, but it gives a small glimpse of the sparkle that was in my eyes in those moments.

Moments like...
Laughter that felt like it richly welled up from the very tips of my toes.
Smiles shared with friends so much that cheeks got sore.
Watching my parents sway.
Swaying with my Daddy as he told me he loves me.

Being asked to dance.

And so much more that is too much to write.
Those were sparkler moments and memories that I cherish and store.
The night wasn't perfection.
But, what more would "perfection" have given than all the eye-sparkler moments that made my eyes shine from within?
I choose to stop thinking about what I could have done better and instead smile upon the night as a whole. The whole; imperfection and sparkles all in one memorable package.

Have you ever had eye-sparkler moments?



  1. Aw what a sweet post! You do have quite a sparkle in your eye :-)

  2. Reading this blog made me feel so happy for you!! Sparkler moments are wonderful moments to experience, and moving past the thoughts of what you could do better makes the moment even more fabulous! :)

    A sparkler moment that happened for me, recently, would be my care package my mom sent me yesterday, it was filled with my favorite cookies from Hawai'i. A different sparkler moment, but still sparkly to me!

    Hope you have a great sparkly week Sarah!

    Take care,

  3. yes I have, and awww at dancing with your dad

  4. Sarah of dodeline design-

    Aw…thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! And, thank you! I’m glad you can see the sparkle. =)


    Thank you very much! You are absolutely right that they are such wonderful moments!

    Aw…that is a lovely sparkler moment. Thank you for sharing that with me!

    I hope you have a blessed week!
    Thanks for stopping by!


    I’m glad you’ve had the enjoyment of eye-sparkler moments too.
    Yes, dancing in general is lovely, and being asked to dance was wonderful, but dancing with my Daddy was the most special of all.


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