Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Unexpected kindness...

Hello everyone!

How has your Wednesday been?

Today I want to share of some unexpected kindness...

Today I ponder acts of kindness. 
Often, they are incredibly unexpected. 
I've been on the receiving end of acts of kindness recently. 
Due to my health issues I haven't gotten my drivers license 
And, with a permit in my pocket I had barely begun learning the art of driving at age 15. 
It's odd for someone my age who has once held a permit to not be driving yet. 
It caused the insurance company to need to check again why I'm not yet on my parents insurance.
The kind lady who called talked to Momma a little bit 
Listened as Momma simply shared a condensed version of this journey of mine. 
Momma spoke of the lady named Kathy and her kindness.
She told Momma dear that she would be praying for me. 
That's nice isn't it?
She took time to listen,
Said she would pray.
Wasn't that a lovely act of kindness in a simple way?

The story becomes even better...

She sent a Hallmark card in the mail from multiple staff members. 
They each took time to write me a little note, 
Let me know that they're praying for me, 
And simply say a few encouraging words.
This is an insurance company.
I've never met any of them.
My parents don't personally know any of them.
They simply lived out kindness.
It's incredible.
They are people,
And they took time to be kind.
In a world filled with people hiding secret wrongs,
Hearts heavy with worry,
And many broken things-
I'm reminded of His love and kindness,
And that there is still kindness being lived out by some human-beings.

When was the last time you lived out unexpected kindness?

May we all take time to shine light,
Take time to be kind.



  1. oh sarah, this is proof of God's love pulsing through our world... what a beautiful act of kindness. bless you sister.

  2. Well said, Emily.
    He is so good. Blessings to you.


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