Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sleuth style...

Sometimes it is simply fun to use your imagination.
To pretend that you are a character and are on a storybook adventure.

We recently had lovely cooler weather move into the area and when I took the dog out for a bit of fresh air I had layered on a few of my favorite autumn-ish articles of  clothing.
When I went back inside I passed by a mirror and realized that I looked rather Sleuth-y! (At least, I think that I did.)
I smiled at this idea and my brother and I had a little impromptu photo-shoot.
All of that inspired this blog post.

With that being said, care to see and hear a story?

There once was a sleuth named Sarah...

She was cunning, brave, and creative. She enjoyed crafting, reading, and thrift store adventures.

Sometimes she would pop up her corduroy collar, for this reminded her of the renowned Sherlock Holmes.

One day while on a thrift store adventure (in which she discovered and "saved" a lovely mug, an embroidered shirt, and a few other articles) she discovered a book to help with her sleuthing! What book was it you ask?
Why, a Nancy Drew book no less! So, on this rather sleuth-y day she sat with her book to read part of the day away.

As Sarah began to read the book she suddenly discovered a clue! A previous reader had left a yellow sticky note opposite page 32...

After a moment Sarah smiled at the clue of this little book's past. The bookmark caused Sarah to ponder what the reader before her may have been like.

Then off she went to finish the fun with a bit of silliness. For even sleuth's should take time to have a bit of silly fun.

Then Sarah's day of sleuthing came to a close. That is the story of her sleuthing adventure in her sleuth inspired clothes.

The End.
(At least until she sleuths again...)

I hope you enjoyed that bit of fun. Happy first day of November!

When was the last time you enjoyed a bookish adventure?
When was the last time you were a bit silly?

Maybe consider taking time for a bookish adventure and some silly fun before your day is done.



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