Friday, November 4, 2011

New blog changes and a crochet creation...

I'm excited to share a few things with you today. First, I redesigned my blog button which is shown above! Hooray!

Feel free to use the button code that is placed over on the right panel of my blog if you would like to link back to me. 
Yes, that was a shameless blog plug. ;)

Also, I created a "Blogs that Inspire Me" page where I've placed many lovely blog buttons of fellow bloggers.
I'm sure over time the list will continue to grow for there are so many lovely bloggers about in the blog-sphere!

The next thing that I'm excited to share with you is another completed crochet creation. I based the hat off of this free lionbrand pattern. (Please note you have to sign up or sign in to a lion brand account to view patterns, but the sign up is free!)
As I was following the pattern I ended up deciding to take the hat in a different direction as well as make it smaller.

Ready to see?

After I finished crocheting the hat I thought it needed a little extra something. So, I pulled out a few things...

Fabric leaves+an acorn style button+needle+thread+a small square piece of felt+a pin with a back=  A leaf brooch to give the hat an autumn touch. 

The leaf piece is easily removable and could even be pinned to a shirt or bag to add a bit of autumn color.

I've realized I shouldn't make a habit of taking pictures late at night for I'm not as happy with them when I do. However, in hopes of being more of a authentic blogger I didn't allow the perfectionist in me to go and retake new pictures.

The hat will soon grace the head of my friend Molly. We are participating in a modern day example of the bartering system in action. She will receive the hat and I will receive an original sketch she drew of me.
Would you like to see the sketch and the photo that she based it off of?

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!


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