Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nesting: The deep cleaning...

I’m currently nesting by working on a deep clean of my bedroom.

In some ways it is extremely emotional. I feel as though I’m boxing up different parts of who I used to be. Though, each is still a part of me, life is just different now.

Well traveled mission trip devotionals, pictures, and memories…
Put away.
Many years worth of journals…
Boxed up.
Memories come in many different shapes and sizes.
Birthday gifts from years ago,
Homework from my favorite literature class,
Balloons that used to dance above my bed when I was feeling much worse this year,
Dolls that I played all sorts of imagination games with-
All bring back floods of memories.

Who knew that part of nesting would be the floods of memories sweeping over you as you clean?

My “love language” is gift giving.

I can often tell you where, when, and who gave me an item in an instant. I could also ramble off memories associated with it. But, there is a time for letting go.
I don’t want to be an even worse pack rat that doesn’t have a peaceful and enjoyable space due to being unable to let go.

So, I clean, I remember, and I let go of some to make room for a pleasant nested space.

Have you ever done deep cleaning that has brought back lots of memories?

Once the deep cleaning is done I look forward to the more pleasant side of nesting. 
Looking forward to the creative side is great motivation to keep working on the cleaning.

Have you ever been in a “nesting” mood?



  1. I'm in a total nesting mood right now, having just gotten married. Funny the way we go through these phases!

  2. I'm glad that I'm not the only one in nesting mode.
    Ah, that makes sense. I would think being in your own space as a newlywed couple would definitely cause one to go into nesting mode.

    It is funny! At least nesting is typically productive! =D


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