Saturday, November 26, 2011

The meanderings of Monday-Wednesday...

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I shared about my lovely Friday with all of you and now I would like to jump back to earlier in the week and share about it.

Monday my family and I excitedly awaited the arrival of my Momma's brother Bill and his wife Brenda. Momma grew up in Alaska which is where they are from so it is extra special when we get to see spend time with them.
We were blessed to spend most of Monday night through part of Wednesday with them. It was a very splendid time!

(Uncle Bill and Aunt Brenda, if you are reading this, I'm thankful for both of you and the wonderful time we had with you this week!)

Here is a lovely picture of the two of them...

Tuesday we celebrated our Aunt's birthday. Dana  and I had secretly been plotting and planning some creative birthday gifts for her. Dana made her a lovely little jewelry set and I made a new hat.

Here are a few picture of those...

(For all of you crochet gals/guys this hat was a fun crocheted beret based off of a red heart pattern. I made it out of an echo-blend by red heart. To see the free pattern click: here. I had to make a few changes because the band of the hat was working up a bit too big. But, all in all this was a fun pattern! I'm planning to make myself one in forest green soon.)

Dana had a lot of fun creating these lovely pieces. Some of it is actually repurposed from broken jewelry!

We both enjoyed giving them to our Aunt and seeing her smile over them.

The day that they headed out all of us went and enjoyed a bit of fresh air.

Here are a few pictures from that day...

Busy bee.

Brothers enjoy the rocks.

My lovely Sissy.

Flickr: Link

Enjoying the look of the trees.

Just simple little me.

Little buddy exploring.

Little buddy is our adventurer.

My sweet Momma.

Butterfly enjoying the blooms.
 And, to finish off the picture show and tell, a few creative shots...

Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link

There you have my wonderful Monday through Wednesday.

I'm thankful for the lovely times with my Aunt and Uncle, new memories made, and the nice sunshine.
God is good.

Did you enjoy time with family this week?


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