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Maisey's Daisey's- A fun interview...

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful day! Today I have a fun post to share. I was recently browsing on Etsy when I cam across a fun little shop called Maisey's Daisey's. I fell head over heels for the Eloise headband and really enjoyed browsing the shop. When I read the shop bio I was very interested and pleased to find that the shops inspiration began with a young girl, her beadbox, and creativity. But, don't let me tell it!

Jill and Macy kindly agreed to do an interview for my blog, so you can read it in their own words!

1. Let’s start off with a little introduction. Would you please introduce yourself and your

My name is Jill and my daughter’s name is Macy.  Our shop name came from a grandparents nickname for Macy and the fact that she loves daisies.

Photo provided by Jill.

Photo provided by Jill.

2. On your shop page you share about the story behind Maisey’s Daisey’s and how it started with your daughter’s creativity when she was eight years old. Would you please share with my readers and I about the background and inspiration of the shop?

Macy has grown up watching me doing something creative every day whether it was sewing,
knitting, cake decorating, painting or teaching art in her classroom at school.  And every day she
was right there by my side, watching, learning and then doing it herself.  She has a ton of energy,
and like me, likes to always be doing something rather than sitting still.  All it took was that one
afternoon with a beadbox and her creativity, and Maisey’s Daisey’s was born.  When people
started purchasing her items, we knew we were on to something fun.

3. Does your daughter make all of the lovely creations that are shown in the shop? 

It depends on her school and dance schedules and the time of year.  She is able to help more during the summer months when she is out of school and her dance schedule isn’t quite as intense. But she makes as many as she can, when she can.  We do go over ideas everyday and she lets me know what her friends think about the headbands she wears, what is in style at the time and what she thinks will
sell well. She has complete creative control and a definite say in everything that we sell.

4. I have to say that my favorite item in your shop is the Eloise themed daisy headband!
What was the inspiration behind the storybook themed daisies?

It was one of those things where I realized that I didn’t want to have to give up certain things because Macy was growing up and wouldn’t be interested in them anymore - such as storybooks.  We all have our favorites and in talking with Macy we decided that we didn’t want to just let the books that we read and loved together sit on the shelf just because she had outgrown them.  Why not be nostalgic and (a little retro), purchase some favorites and turn them into headbands?  That way you could keep
something meaningful with you as you grew and it would be fashionable at the same time.  Girls
and women of all ages have loved wearing the storybook headbands.

5. What are your favorite items in the shop?

The newspaper print headbands are a favorite because they go with anything you wear and all ages can wear them.  The candy themed headbands are a favorite because they are such a great conversation piece, and the storybook themed headbands are just so sweet!

6. Do either of you ever wear a Maisey’s Daisey’s headband?

Macy and her older sister Carter wear them all the time!  They get such great positive feedback, and it is a fun way to visually spread the word about our shop.  We are able to sell a lot of our product by their wearing them, and have been able to create some fun custom orders too!

7. What inspires you and your daughter creatively?

For me it can be just about anything.... it can be something that I see in nature while I’m out running in the morning or something that catches my eye in a book or magazine.  For Macy it can be a song that she dances to, or a fun combination that she has learned.  Inspiration even comes from just looking at someone and saying “Oh wouldn’t a flower like this on a headband be perfect for her!”

8. Do you have any advice for others that dream of creating their own artistic designs and even
starting their own Etsy business?

I think the most important thing is that you have to love what you do!  Don’t be afraid to take the first step to making that dream a reality.  I really believe that if you believe in yourself and in your talent, you can make it happen.  I never would have thought I would be doing something like this, something that was inspired by my daughter, and I feel so lucky that I get to share this experience with her.  When you love what you create I think the possibilities become endless, and potential buyers can see the talent and feel the love you put in to your creations too!

9. Before we go, if you could describe Maisey’s Daisey’s in five words what would you say? 

You can’t pick just one!

Thanks again Jill and Macy for doing this interview! I really enjoyed putting it together!
I hope that both of you continue to be creative on a daily basis.

What do you think of Maisey's Daisey's and the story behind it?
What inspires your creativity?


Please note edited: This interview was conducted by me without having any expectation of payment in any form of product or otherwise. It was done out of the joy of sharing creativity and the desire to share a story that made me smile. I hope that maybe by sharing their creativity that others are also inspired to take time to be creative too. After Jill saw the final interview I have however been gifted a headband of my choice from Maisey's Daisey's.

Photo credit: The original photos in the product montage were used with permission from Jill from the Etsy shop and were edited into their current state by me. 


  1. Lovely interview and shop!
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Liseli!

    I'm so very glad that you liked it and that I was able to share it!

    Thanks for leaving a comment. =)

  3. What a lovely shop and fun interview.......happy to have come across your blog :)

  4. Carrie-

    Thank you! I'm glad that you are happy to have come across my blog and that you enjoyed the interview. =)

    Sarah- Aren't they? I'm so glad I could share this interview!


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