Monday, November 7, 2011

A Magnificent Monday and a special child...

Hello everyone!

I hope you've been enjoying another Magnificent Monday! Today as with many Mondays I'm a bit worn out from the events of the weekend. But, it was a great weekend! I found a lovely piece of art while at a thrift store, discovered a big comfy green chair for our family to buy, completed almost all of the bedroom deep clean (hooray for soon being able to do the fun part of nesting) it is so very nice to have a clean room, spent a lovely Sunday in community and with friends, enjoyed the beauty of musical worship beneath an evening sky, and had a good talk with my Momma.
All in all, a wonderful weekend.

What are some of the highlights of your weekend?

I have a few lovely things to share with all of you this week. Among them a post on learning to dream again, an interview, pictures of thrifted finds, a scrumptious food, and maybe a few other things.

As I'm writing this post a funny little story popped into my head. A few friends and I have been and currently are sponsoring a little girl through Compassion International.

We have sent a few letters back and forth and one time this year we sent a picture of all of us to her. On the back we listed our names. When she wrote back she asked a couple of questions about some of us. Out of everyone in the group she asked if one of my friends was a musician (he is) and asked if I was a doctor (I'm not)! I couldn't help but chuckle at that. What caused her based only on a picture to ask those question is such a wonderfully curios thing to me. I can't help but wonder, what characterized him as a musician in a picture? What characterized me in her mind as a doctor? And, what drew the little girl to ask about the two of us out of the group photo?
I suppose I'm just an inquisitive person that takes interest in the way others think sometimes. None the less, it made me smile.

This little girl makes me smile. We may be giving to her, but she is giving to us too. It is more precious to me than words can express. This little girl is precious to my heart. The words that are translated for us to read that she writes, her thoughts, her questions, her prayers, she blesses us- she blesses me.

Have you ever considered sponsoring a child? It's a beautiful blessing.
You can visit Here for more information.

I hope you are having a Magnificent Monday.
I'm thankful for the beauty of the simple things that bring smiles and how so often the giver is a receiver too.


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