Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heart of Thanks: The Word and the unexpected...

Hello everyone!
I've gotten a bit behind on posting my Heart of Thanks, so today I'm sharing today's and the past two days before that. This journey of a month of thanks has been really good and caused me to be thoughtful of different aspects of thankfulness.

Day 8- His Word, the Bible. It feeds my soul, it pierces and penetrates like a sharp sword in the best way possible, it guides, it encourages, the words are living and active, and I, I am so very thankful for it.

Daddy God, thank You for Your Word and the ability to read it freely!

Day 9- Forgiveness. Wow. I’m immensely thankful for forgiveness.  
The forgiveness I receive from others when I am unkind, hurtful, or simply wrong.
The forgiveness from You that far exceeds what I deserve.
The forgiveness that You have made possible in broken relationships in my life.
The forgiveness that has replaced the bitterness that I once harbored is so beautiful.
I’m very thankful for forgiveness.

Day 10- I smile at the unexpected beauty of today.
I smile and thank You for little unexpected beauty like a soap bubble floating above the sink, for earrings that trigger precious Grandma memories, for the realization of dancing, for the yummy surprise chocolate muffins. I’m thankful for the beauty that is so often unexpected and yet embraced when it is discovered.

What are you thankful for today?
Did any of those touch something in you?



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