Monday, November 7, 2011

Heart of Thanks: Kindness and daily bread...

Today I am participating in the Heart of Thanks series again.

I didn't write yeserday's post yesterday so instead I'm making up for it today.

Day Six-

Kindness. Yes, how I am thankful for His kindness. I am so thankful that He is kind for I am so terribly messy and downright spiteful towards others. If not aloud, in my mind. Just because I'm sometimes keeping it inside doesn't mean it is okay or right.

So, Daddy God, thank You for Your kindness and Your love to even the messiness of me. I'm overwhelmed.

Day Seven-

I am thankful for daily bread and the other foods to nurture my body. Even on the days my stomach doesn't act the way I wish it would, I'm so very thankful for nourishing food.

Thank You, for provision of daily bread and daily tea, and the many foods that nourish me.

What are you thankful for today?


Heart of Thanks photo credit goes to Jen.

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