Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dream Sparks...

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I can’t speak for everyone, but I would venture to say that most of us have them. We have hopes for the future, dreams we want to pursue, and ideas that we ponder and unfold.

I was reminded of that last week. A beautiful worker at a Goodwill store was checking out my purchases at the cash register. She and I are night and day by the color of our skin, but that doesn’t change her beauty, that we’re both human, and that we both have dreams. She noticed a plate and mug that I was purchasing and she mentioned to me that many, many years ago her family had owned that style too.
Then she said it-

“If I owned my own antique store I would buy all of that set and put it in the store.”

In that moment I saw it, a spark of a dream in her eyes.

Maybe someday she will own her own antique store and maybe that little dream spark will light the candle of reality. Or maybe another dream spark will occur and a different reality candle will be lit.
Most of all, I hope she keeps having positive dream spark moments where her eyes shine like they did then- may they shine even brighter.

Then I wondered, what about that young man over there? That wall of a man like my Daddy, he’s the one with a deep scar on his face.
What is his story?
Does he have dreams?
I wonder what they are.

I think most of us have dreams. I think we need to be healthy dreamers and healthy hopers.
I don’t think it is good when we constantly snuff out dream sparks, when we starve ourselves of needed oxygen and fuel, and when we don’t take time to dream or light the candles of reality.
Not to say that all dreams work out.
But, we should be healthy dreamers- of that I have no doubt.

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What are your dream-sparks lately?
What reality candles have been lit from dream-sparks that you’ve had?

And, have you ever stopped dreaming?


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