Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thoughts for fathers and brothers...(Gals can read it too!)

I wrote this and shared it on my facebook page tonight.
I don't really think that very many guys read my blog, but I wanted to share it here too.

And for you gals reading this, I hope that you have and do have some wonderful people letting you know that you are beautiful, that you have others who are proud of you, and that you know that you are loved!
Because let me tell you- You are loved.

Fathers and brothers, never underestimate how meaningful it is when you tell your daughter or sister that they are beautiful, that you are proud of them, and that you love them.

Though charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting,
It is  important for you to tell us you see beauty when you look at us
Not only in body but also as who we are.

Though we may not show how much it means
Or neglect to appreciate the meaning
When you tell us you are proud of us our hearts swell

And, just in case you can’t tell
Those three words- I love you,
When meaningfully spoken help us even in the times we feel so broken.

When my brothers and especially my Daddy tell me,

"You’re beautiful,
I’m proud of you,
I love you."

This is how I feel inside…

Inspired by tonight.

P.S. Mommas and sisters you can tell one another that too. And, you can also encourage the guys in your life.
P.P.S. I love my Papa Bear and my wonderful brothers. 

Photo Credit-Nic Pettersson.

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