Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Somehing old and something new, next to water that is blue...

Hello everyone!

I'm not feeling that great right now due to symptoms, but I had the need to be creative in some simplistic form.
So, I thought of this little blog post.

Today I tell the story of something old and something new next to water that is blue. 
(Friends and family, don't pass out! It has nothing to do with wedding bells and walking down the aisle. Just playing off of the phrase that happens to be typically wedding themed.)

This is the something old....

This picture was taken approximately four years ago. A much younger me wore short hair and sneakers with doodles on them as I sat next to my favorite tree and pond at a locale park. I've changed a lot in four years and I'm not exactly where I thought I would be at this age, but that's okay.  Life has a way of going in unexpected directions. I'm thankful that God isn't surprised by anything that is unexpected for me and that He continues to guide me no matter what is going on in my life.

This is the something new next to water that is blue...

This past weekend my family and another dear family met at that park for lunch. My sister helped me recapture a shot next to the same spot that the old picture was taken. A lot has occurred and changed between these two pictures. I've changed, a lot has occurred in my life, and even the tree has changed. An old branch is gone, the pond is filled with water from the rain, and the sunshine was brighter from the time of day.
I've changed physically, grown, lost weight, grown out my hair, gotten glasses, retired my old sneakers. I've grown as a person and learned a lot since then. It's amazing how much can happen in four years. 

It was a wonderful time at the park with family, friends, ducks, food, and my favorite tree by the pond.
Most of all, it was a time of reflection. 

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Have you ever gone back to a spot where you once sat years ago for a time of reflection?
What was special about it for you?



  1. What a fun post! I have done that too...it's such a strange feeling to stand in a spot you once stood and think of yourself at two different points in time...change happens so quickly!

  2. Hi Sarah!

    (It always feels funny in a happy way when I greet someone with the same name! lol Which happens a lot since there seem to be many, many gals with the name Sarah.)

    Thank you!
    It is strange! I'm glad that you can identify. Yes, sometimes change happens really quickly.

    Thanks for coming by!


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