Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On tears...

There is a gal who is choosing joy.
A gal that loves whimsy, beauty, light, love, and Truth.
This gal doesn’t like to cry before others.
Which is funny,
Because something she admires about her Father is the true manliness and bravery he has 
in not being afraid to cry in front of his family.
So, why does she hide them?

After all, aren’t tears a release?
Aren’t they a watering of the heart?
They can be healing, and they can be healthy.
So, what is the reasoning behind the hiding?
It is pride.

But, there is also a growing friendship.
On a wooden bench,
Two friends,
A juice and a smoothie,
There was a heart-spilling.
She cried with the moonlight above veiled in a cloud,
“Like a wedding gown” said friend.
 There was sister-shipping,
Heart-spilling on an autumn night,
And she cried.

But, her tears were healing,
They were good.
And, wonder of wonders,
She ended up smiling amidst the crying,

Her heart melted as she and dear friend shared fears,
Yet, they also shared prayers.
There is beauty in the midst of brokenness,
And tears.
Pride is a foolish thing.
So pride is set aside and tears are released,
Prayers are prayed,
Hugs are shared,
And a friendship grows.
Pride had to first be set aside.
Then came heart-spilling,
Tear dripping,
Prayer lifting,
Friendship growing,
Then came hope.
Then came peace.
Under the autumn moon with wind swishing amongst the trees-
Tears spilled and hearts filled.

As you may have guessed this story is of me.
I’m the gal that sat on a wooden bench with wind amongst the trees.
The dear friend is truly a dear friend to me.
 I tuck last night away as a cherished memory.

As I was writing this I felt led to share it on here.
I wrestled a bit with whether this is too personal to share.
I also didn't want to share it with the wrong attitude of wanting selfish attention.
The conclusion I came to was this-
If in my sharing I encourage one person to take time to allow tears to flow and drip,
To lower pride,
To let tears flow and heart fill,
Then this is worth it.

It's okay to cry.
It's okay to lower pride.
It's okay to cry.

The gal overwhelmed by grace,


  1. smiles. we all need friends like love on us and happens and we are not meant to face it alone...smiles

  2. There is cleansing and healing in tears. That's what they are for. :)

  3. Brian- So very true. We are not meant to be alone.

    Happygirl- Yes! There is absolutely a cleansing and healing in tears.

  4. oh yes, my dear sarah (and you are SO beautiful, girl!)... it is okay to cry. i do it all the time. it is healing. so glad you have this friend you can be real with... xo

  5. What a beautiful verse you wrote...and so true, too. Sometimes, we just need to let it out before we can move on. Tears can definitely be healing, and I am so happy that you have such a wonderful friend to share your deepest emotions with! And that you were able to share your feelings here, too. :)


  6. Emily-

    Dear Emily,

    The way you write the comments you leave for me is like the gently spoken words of a dear friend- soft yet packed with emotional oomph.

    Thank you for your kind comment.
    Thank you for calling me beautiful.
    Sometimes it’s just plain good for every woman young and old to hear that healthily spoken.

    I’m so glad I have the friendship too.


    Thank you very much, Sue!
    Tears definitely can be healing and a release.
    I hope the tears you’ve shed lately have been healing and healthy releasing too.
    I’m so happy to have her friendship too!
    I’m glad that I chose to share. =)


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