Monday, October 10, 2011

Magnificent Monday and a pup-pup story...

Hello everyone!

It's another Magnificent Monday around here! My Monday was filled with school, a power nap that turned into a nap of over four hours long, yummy dinner with the family, watching our dog be silly, and shopping the sales with my Momma at a craft store that is moving to a new location.  (I purchased some autumn yarn and fun buttons!)

To bring a little fun to the end of your Monday I want to tell you about this adorable pup-pup.

Would you ever guess what that lovely dog of mine was obsessed with today?

Well, let me tell you.
Our neighbors were spinning cotton candy today and gave some to my siblings. Our dog Annie went crazy!
She walked all around the kitchen smelling the sugar spun smell and licking her lips. She would sit where she could see the pink clouds and smacked her lips as the smell graced her nostrils.
Now, she was a dog that got dumped in the country that we adopted so we know nothing about her past, but we are thinking somehow she must have had cotton candy.
She has never acted like that about any food even when Momma has cooked meat in the kitchen.
It was the funniest thing to see her longing for pink spun sugar!
Though, we didn't tease her with it and we definitely would never give her such a thing!
I hope that little story made you smile.

I'm still working on responding to the many lovely comments that I've been blessed with at the blog lately. Thank you for the sweet words!

I hope your Monday has been magnificent.
This week I hope to share a few different things with all of you. Such as a fun tea DIY, a completed crochet hat, and who knows what else.

Tomorrow is a new day. When you wake, make the most of it.

Do you ever wake with a smile or a song in your heart?



  1. Thanks, Sarah! She is sweet.
    I hope one day you get to enjoy the company of a precious pup. =)


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