Friday, October 7, 2011

Little things like kitten snuggles and tea time...

Hello everyone!

I have great news! First of all, it's another fabulous It's the Little Things Friday! Secondly, I've been feeling much better today and I finally feel back to my "normal" self after having a symptom flare-up this week. Hooray!
Now, off to show you some lovelies from my week.

There are many little things that have blessed me this week. Here are a few of them...
It's the little things like...

Baby Kitten snuggle times...

Please pardon the odd sunlight in the picture. My little brother was helping take the picture since I was slightly occupied with the cuteness.
In case you missed this post (or even if you saw it and didn't get your fill of cuteness) here are some more cute kitty pictures...

Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link
Flickr: Link
It's also the little things like...

Home-made pancakes...

Flickr: Link
This note-pad...
Flickr: Link
Tea Time...
Flickr: Link
(Check back soon for a yummy and hopefully fun post about tea DIY.)

This teacup that I purchased for two quarters...
Flickr: Link
What are some of the little things from your week?

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P.S. What do you think of the new blog design?


  1. Hey Sarah thanks for stopping by my blog! I love that notepad...I have an obsession with writing and writing tools alike. Hope to cross paths again ;)

  2. Kitties and tea! Kitties and tea!
    That is basically all you need to make an awesome post! :D

  3. Oh my I want that adorable kitty! Thanks for coming to my blog too :-)

  4. Hi, Sarah -

    I love the new design! And great photos, as always!

    I am really enjoying the nice weather - the rain finally stopped here, and I love being able to go outside for a little while.


  5. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Sarah. Lots of tea and naps are good for me too. Your tea cup is perfect--I'm always on the hunt for "perfect" tea cups that are just the right size for the strength of tea I like! :) I noticed your new blog design and I like it! Thank you, as always, for your sweet comments on my blog this week. It's nice to share with people who are going through similar circumstances, isn't it?

  6. Pidg- Hello! You’re very welcome! Thanks for coming by my blog. =)
    Thank you! Oh goodness, so do I! I have many, many notebooks about my place.
    Yes, hope to see you about too! Haha

  7. Melissa-

    Hi Melissa!
    Thanks for coming by!
    Haha Your comment made me smile. =D

  8. Sarah-

    Hi Sarah!
    You're very welcome!
    They are super precious little kitties. =)
    I'm glad to be able to snuggle with them when the neighbor brings them over.

  9. Hello Sue!

    Thank you so very much! I'm blessed to have you say that. =)

    I'm glad you are loving the weather! I'm loving our weather here. It's amazing how much more active I've been able to be just with the exit of the 100+ degree weather we had all summer.

  10. Hello Sadee!

    Thank you very much!
    I hope you get feeling better soon too.
    Tea and naps are definitely helpful.

    The tea cup was a fun little treasure in the midst of a thrift store shelf. It was like a sea of teacups and I smiled when I saw that little lovely.
    It’s always fun to find little tea-cup treasures isn’t it? =)

    You’re so very welcome!
    Yes, it really is. I do not rejoice when I learn that others are dealing with similar health issues as I am because I know how hard it is. But, it is nice to know that we’re not alone and to see the hope and joy that others are living with in the midst of sickness too.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving your lovely comment.


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