Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kitten love...

Yesterday and today I haven't felt that great.
I'm fairly certain that it is a "crash" due to overdoing
and Monday.
Yet, even when I'm weak and worn
with a low grade fever pulsing through me
and even when my body seems to fight itself
I desire to choose joy and look on the bright side.
Life isn't easy, but it is still beautiful.

There are so many daily blessings.
I do not want to overlook them
even when the day seems coated in gray.
Sometimes it's just good to smile.
To smile inspite of the heaviness,
Smile in spite of the weariness,
And to smile in spite of the fears.

So, when I needed a good smile today
I took a bit of time to look.
I looked at the pictures I took of little ones.
Little ones that I cuddled,
that belong to the neighbor,
that slumbered against me,
and played with my scarlet yarn. 
There is puppy love,
but this is kitten love.

I smile.
I see beauty.
I see marvelously created.

Need a good smile? Enjoy a bit of kitten love.

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P.S. I'm glad to be "back" with my friends over at imperfect prose today. It's good to be linking up again. 


  1. oh sister. i love your beautiful heart. and i pray you feel better soon...

  2. Oh, my gosh... kitty!!! So cute! I am going to start following!

  3. Emily- Emily, thank you so much. Your loving words made me smile. Thank you for your prayers! I'm feeling much better now.

    Jamie- Hi Jamie! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for deciding to follow. I'm honored to have you enjoying and wanting to continue reading my blog.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the kitties!!! =D
    They are precious.


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