Thursday, October 20, 2011

A hat and a nesting craze...

Hello everyone!

I think it is about time to showcase some crafts again!
With this lovely autumn weather I've been in the mood to crochet more. Back in this post I showed a little preview of my autumn inspired hat I've been working on. I didn't use a pattern for this hat; instead I made four miniature granny squares and stitched them together for each panel of the hat.  

Originally, I had planned on making the basic hat and adding a little extra something like a flower so that I could wear it myself. When the creation was completed though, I quickly realized that the hat was more masculine in shape and size. So, instead of finding a happy home upon my head it now resides splendidly on my brother's noggin.

He was kind enough to model it so that I could share the completed project.

The back of the hat.

Happily at home on the noggin.
I also wanted to share about my new "nesting" craze.
Until this week I hadn't heard of the term "nesting" as a verb, but it perfectly describes the longing I've had lately.

Nesting- To make a place more comfortable and homelike. (Informal intransitive verb.)

I've been night-dreaming of nesting, daydreaming of nesting, and when I've had energy and felt well enough I've been working on nesting. The first step in my nesting craze is removing clutter and doing autumn-cleaning (the equivalent of spring-cleaning just in a different season). It's rather ridiculous how filthy my areas of the room have become. Cleaning takes energy and I quite frankly have slacked in that area too long. When the room was clean I didn't consistently use part of my "energy reserves" to keep it that way. Now I must face the daunting task of a room overrun with clutter. But, I've finally begun the process.  

Once the deep cleaning is done then I will begin the fun part of nesting- little creative projects. 
I'm concocting a few different projects in my head and look forward to sharing them with you once I've completed the cleaning process. I've made a sort of "rule" that I can't start the fun nesting projects until the not so fun stuff is done. 

Have you ever heard of the term "nesting"?
Do you ever get into a nesting craze?


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