Friday, October 21, 2011

Five minute Friday: Beyond...

Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since I participated, but today I'm linking back up with some lovely ladies over at The Gypsy Mama. Each Friday is a Five Minute Friday where you are given a prompt and must only write for five minutes. For the perfectionist in me, this is a challenge. But, challenges can be good and can help us grow.

Today's prompt is Beyond...


This weekend I went to the park with my family and another family that we’re friends with.
A beautiful butterfly passed by and I tried to quickly capture a glimpse of the beauty with the eye of my camera.

This is what I captured.

I've titled this A Beautiful Blur.

To my perfectionist personality this at first was disappointing and I almost deleted it. But, then I looked beyond the seemingly messiness, I looked beyond what I often think makes a good picture, and I glimpsed the beauty.  There is something oddly beautiful about this blurred picture.

Is it the way the tree almost looks like a painting?
Is it the imperfection?

I don’t know, but this perfectionist is seeing beauty in a “mistake”! Gasp!
Beauty in the messy! Yes, beauty in the blurred and messy.

My life is much the same. Blurred and messy seemingly. And lately I’ve had troubled looking beyond my circumstances and health issues at the beauty.

But, just like with that picture, today I look beyond the seemingly mistakes of my health issues.
Today I go beyond myself and trust that there is a reason this is being allowed.

Can you look beyond at the beauty of the picture?
Can you look beyond circumstances and see that beauty too?




  1. I can look beyond, that picture is stunning. I'm so glad you didn't delete it. I often don't see the beauty in everything but I will try more now :).

  2. Hi Sarah! Yes, there is absolutely beauty to be found in the messiness of life...and even in the hard times. Even mistakes and unfortunate circumstances that make our lives look like gigantic blurs are glimpsed as beautiful moments in which to deepen our souls and our human mettle by God.

    I'm so glad you're glimpsing His beauty, sister.


  3. stunning!

    i love this thing of seeing beyond the beyond. similar to what i wrote in my 5-minute-friday post today. <3


  4. Miranda- Hi! Thanks for your comment.
    Thank you so much! I’m glad you can glimpse the beauty in it too.
    Learning to glimpse beauty in the midst of everything is becoming a way of life for me. Not perfected, but a growing journey in life.

    Sarah Elizabeth-
    Hello thanks for coming by my blog!

    That was so beautifully put. Thank you for gracing my page with that comment.

    Thank you!
    I truly enjoyed reading your post too! =)


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