Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To cry over one I have never met…

Today I cried over someone I have never met.
Her name is Sara Frankl.
She is beautiful, caring, honest, and loves and trusts God so very much.
In her words that she so often wrote on her blog she encouraged me and many others.
She chose joy in the midst of what for many would seem an impossible situation.

I mailed her a letter a few weeks ago when I heard she wasn't feeling so well and a little dog biscuit for her sweet dog.
I hope that maybe someone read it to her and shared my words of love and that her little pup enjoyed the biscuit. That may sound selfish, but I hope she received my words and little gift- because I wholeheartedly lovingly sent and wrote all of it.

Sara often shared pictures of her life and made me smile and laugh countless times. I discovered the Five Minute Fridays through her blog and she has often reminded me how much I have to be thankful for.
Most of all, Sara has taught and reminded me to choose joy. No matter what, that I can choose joy.

Sara has severe health issues and today I learned that her body is shutting down.
Sara is dying.
Sara is on her way to her true home.

As I type, I cry. I have never met Sara, but God has used her words to change my life.
I pray that she will leave peacefully with the ones she loves surrounding her.
I know that she is loved.
My prayers are with her, her family, and her dear friends in this time of her leaving this life.

She has lived a life that has touched many. May she be free and happy for eternity!

Care to be inspired by some of her words past written?  Click the lovely button below.

I would like to end with this poem I wrote about and for her.

Sara’s Poem

Sara with her honest heart and typed up words
Her strength and trust in the One above
Choosing joy in the midst of difficulty
Choosing to shine light into the world
She puts no bowl over to hide her inner light
She shines so very, very bright

Laughter and smiles graced me when I read
Of the life adventures she enjoyed even from her bed
The critters playing on her lawn
The visits with friend and love ones
And the little white dog she loves so much

My heart aches for her leaving
But my soul rejoices for the freeing
And the seeing which will occur
As she stands before the One she trusts so much

Sara chooses joy
Even in the midst of pain
So I will go on sharing of the joy and life
That’s even in the midst
Of the storms and down pours of this life’s rain


  1. It always hard to find oneself separated from a friend and source of inspiration. May God bless you as you navigate this time.

  2. Brandee- Thank you.

    Emily- Oh, Emily. Hugs to you.


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