Monday, September 12, 2011

Magnificent Monday after a weekend of remembering....

Hello everyone!

How are you?
How was your weekend?

I hope you are having a Magnificent Monday!
Today I’m very well, but admittedly a bit tired and worn. Yesterday was a bit of a busy day. I enjoyed a blessed time at church that morning and then that evening members of the youth group, leadership, and I hosted a sort of performance/tribute night.

The first half of the evening was an opportunity for students to share their talents. We had everything from singers, guitarists, a stomp style display/rhythm and a great show of manly testosterone, clean comedy, art displayed, and poetry to name a few. I read a few poems as part of the evening.

The second half of the night was a tribute and time of honoring the anniversary of 9/11.
We had a time of prayer for our country to start the time.
Then I went up and read a poem that I wrote this past week in honor of the anniversary.

9/11 Tenth Anniversary

Do you remember that day?
That day when so much occurred.
Do you remember where you were?
Were you were when you first heard.

It was a day seemingly like any other,
I was in the living room watching Sesame Street or such,
When the TV changed to the images of tragedy.
Ten years is a very long time,
Yet it is still fresh on many of our minds.
Those numbers will never been seen the same way.
There was great loss, great fear, and great courage that day.
May we always remember that fateful day!
May we be thankful for the heroes that each contributed and placed themselves in harm’s way!

After my poem there was a video tribute and another poem reading by a wonderful youth leader named Felecia. (The second poem was incredible!) Then one of the youth played our National Anthem on his electric guitar as we all stood.That was a special moment to stand together and sing and hum as we remembered that day that forever changed and impacted our country.

Lastly, my dear friend (the friend that I sistership with) Sara Beth danced a moving lyrical piece.

It was an incredible night and I was also blessed to see quite a few people that I haven’t seen in awhile.

The whirlwind of the night has left me extra tired and a bit worn out today. But, thankfully it’s not a major crash and I’ve still been able to do a good bit of school today.

My Monday has been filled with school, dreaming, praying, and resting.
What has your Monday been filled with?

I hope your weekend was blessed and that you have been enjoying another Magnificent Monday.

May your Mondays be Magnificent,

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