Friday, September 9, 2011

It's the little things...

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your Friday! Today I'm linking up with others over at From the Aisle to Aloha!
We're taking time to share some of "the little things" from our week. This is the perfect sort of link-up party for me. My family and friends are always smiling (and sometimes laughing) at the way the little things make me so happy and excited. Do you take time to appreciate the little things?

Want to join in the fun?

Just click this lovely button:

Aisle to Aloha

First off, playing the ribbon game with my cat Juni!

Taking photographs in black and white and this magnet from one of my trips to Alaska...

Flickr: Link

Cornbread for dessert...
All you need is a pat of butter in the middle with a bit of honey and a drizzle on top to add some extra lovely!

Flickr: Link

Flickr: Link

Lastly, a mini-tea set...

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P.S. As I was putting together this post I heard a new song for the very first time! It is Little Things by JJ Heller. The song is about the important little things in life and is very moving in an upbeat way.


  1. Fellow little things blogger checking out the rest of the links! Mmmmm....that cornbread looks great! I'm going to have to make some soon! Great list.

  2. Hi Sarah I am so glad that I was able to found you through this link up. I love black and white pictures, in fact sometimes I need to tell myself to leave sometime for colorful pictures :). I am glad to read your post

  3. I'm hopping over from Lindsay's link-up (and can be found at Seek Ye First:

    I love that magnet- my husband and I collect magnets when we travel as a simple souvenir that's easy to display. And cornbread... YUM!

    I can't wait to see more of your little things!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Lost in Relocation. Your cat is adorable! I miss living with one!

  5. Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry it took me until today to visit yours - I ran away to the mountains for the weekend.

    I love that cornbread is one of your little things - it's one of my favourite things!

    I added you to my feed and I can't wait for next week :)

  6. Amy- Hello Amy! Welcome to my blog!
    It was very yummy cornbread! I hope you enjoy some of your own tasty cornbread once you make it.
    Thank you!

    Sophie- Hi Sophie! I’m so glad you found me too!
    Haha That is so very true! It’s easy to get caught up in one type of photography setting sometimes.
    Thanks for your kind comment and for stopping by.

    Elizabeth- Hello Elizabeth! Thank you for you kind comment! That’s a great idea for when traveling.
    That particular magnet was the first magnet I’ve ever purchased while traveling. I was walking by a shelf of magnets and that one just “spoke to me”. If the picture could talk it just seemed it had quite a story to tell. Thanks for stopping by!

    Bhrett- You’re very welcome! I enjoyed stopping by! Thanks! He’s a cutie and I love him very dearly. (Though, don’t be misled by his adorable face…he can be quite the rascal. lol)

    Lauren- Hi Lauren! That’s okay! Thanks for coming by my blogger abode. (Running away to the mountains sounds amazing.)
    It’s a wonderfully yummy thing isn’t it!? I’m glad you enjoy it too!
    Thank you so very much for adding me! I’m honored. I look forward to another week of appreciating the little things.


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