Thursday, September 1, 2011

Breathing and creativity...

Beautiful fresh creativity-
It’s as if I was underwater and I’m coming up
for a much needed time to breathe.

I stayed under emotional currents too long
I stopped taking time to creatively breathe
Yesterday creativity came in the form of a song.

A song inspired by the thought of travel
A song inspired by my Daddy
A song inspired by memories
A song!

I wrote a new song.
The melody is purely by ear.
But, I wrote it.
I wrote.


I’m so thankful for creativity.
Yet, even the best human creativity will never compare to the Creator.

Do you need to come up for air?
How long has it been since you were creative?

Take time to breathe,
Take time to see,
Take time to be creative again. 



  1. oh sarah, doesn't it feel good to come up from that emotion and breathe? love to you girl.


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